Saturday, March 29, 2008

Umbro Elite X

After the Body Vive class today (which was really fun btw), Alexander and I decided to have a cuppa at Starbucks while waiting for Juls and Wilson to finish their Body Pump class. In the midst of savouring my vanilla latte, we were approached by a rather pleasing looking girl. She introduced herself with a very crisp smile and said she is representing Umbro. She then went on bout how Umbro has already been in the international market for the past 70 years ... mostly into jerserys, shoes, sport apparels bla bla bla. Finally she unveiled her product for today ... Umbro's first assault into the fragrance market. It's called Umbro's Elite X (for men) and this eau de toilette isn't available in the market yet as I'm typing this entry. The promoters are here (they're actually from Singapore) to obtain a market feedback from Malaysians in general. Naturally, being a sports oriented company, its target market is aimed at sportsmen or those leading an active lifestyle. She also claimed that the fragrance won't turn 'sour' even if the person sweats or perspire heavily. How true??? ... only time will tell.

According to the promoter, the fragrance which only comes in a 100ml size will retail at RM89.90 when launched in Malaysia. However, since it's a market survery they are conducting now, a special offer is given ... it's going for RM59.90 for TWO bottles. So it's basically RM30.00 for each bottle la. Value for money if you ask me. From the sample given, it smells very citrusy & flowery ... somewhat like one of FCUK's fragrance (can't remember which one). On the box, it' written 'Skin Cooling Refreshing Fine Fragrance'.

For more info, log on to

P.S. This is not an advertorial. Oh, just fyi, when the sales promoter was squatting down to promote the fragrance (coz both me and Alexander wer sitting on rather low sofas), the top of her bum bum was revealed so to speak. Hmmm ... I wonder if it was done on purpose ... young people nowadays. Tsk tsk tsk.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oldtown frenzy

This morning, after sending my car for some touch-up work from yesterday's paint job, I headed to Oldtown Kopitiam for breakfast. Had my usual Xi Mut Iced Milk Tea, Polo Bun and a set of Omega Half-Boiled Eggs. After gym, SY wanted Oldtown's Mi Hun Siam Tom Yam for lunch, so there I was again for the second time today. This time around, I opted for the Nasi Lemak Rendang and 100 Plus.

Later in the afternoon, I was at Sunway Pyramid with my parents and Dad wanted Oldtown for tea. Shared a portion of egg toast with Mom. A glass of Iced Twin Shake completed the meal.

And tomorrow, I am scheduled to have breakkie with Juls at Oldtown again. Where's my loyalty card damnit!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shiny Shiny

Sent my car for re-spraying today. The photos above depict the 'before' and 'after' difference on the bonnet and spoiler of my Honday City. My car went in at approx. 9:00am and I collected it back at bout 6:15pm. The paintjob was good but some of their sanding solution got stuck to the other part of my car's body. So have to take it back to the shop tomorrow to get that settled. Total damage ... RM300 :(

Back to basics

Have you ever wished things were much simpler in life? Wondered how nice it would be if certain complications were to be erased? Can we take journeys where the path is straight and there are no crossroads. Don't put it to me that 'Oh, if it doesn't kill you, it'll make you stronger' or 'Life isn't a bed of roses' etc. because everyone have their limits and when it reaches that critical point, one gets fed up and ceases to give a damn. There are aspects of life that I'm feeling tired of. Is this where I make a change? The question is ... am I ready to embrace change? But the fear of not knowing what lies ahead is holding me back from commiting that step.

The movie 'Into The Wild' is based on a true story and tells the tale of a graduate who abandons everything known to him and went on to live in a forest. Well, he made his choice, he made a change in his life. He had the courage and opted to make his journey simpler ... to divert himself from the many 'shits' our surrounding and its people have dealt us with. Another case are the hermits living in Mount Wudang (saw it on the Discovery Channel). They just hole themselves somewhere up in that sacred mountain to meditate and live in utter minimalism. Perhaps that's one way to achieve enlightenment. Perhaps, when the mind is less clouded with the turmoils of everyday life, they are able to 'see' better and discover what's life's worth. From there, they might find a way leading to true satisfaction and happiness.

I know I do not posses the iron will or strenght to make such drastic alterations to my life ... at least not in this point of time. But I still ponder what I could do to make things a li'll more straightforward. It's also easier to change myself than trying to change the people around me. What about the things that aren't within my control but affects me directly? Should I abandon all and care just for my very own wellbeing? Is it justified to be this selfish in today's cynical world?

Or should I just continue to live the way I live now ... running away from reality if it's harsh. To turn away each time things turn ugly? Do I keep that fake smile and carry on living in denial that things will get better by itself? Or perhaps even subjecting myself to accept fate / destiny as it is? Convincing myself that people all around us are experiencing the same kind of shit, so what makes me so damn special???!!!

This entry might not make proper sense to any of you but I just needed to get it out of my system. I apologize if you've wasted your time reading it.

Is she waiting for a foot massage?

Another case of 'Malaysia Boleh'. This photo was taken at the concourse area of Pavilion sometime last week. This aunty must've been walking whole day long and decided to give her feet some time to breathe. Real classy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another lesson in life

Do you know that eagles mate for life??? Once they've found their respective partners, they stay together till the end of their feathery lives.

So here's the story of one American bald eagle. Let's just call him Bob.

So Bob had a wifey, Sally. And one fine summer's morning, Bob woke up, stretched his majestic wings and couldn't find Sally anywhere. He waited and waited till he finally couldn't take it anymore. So he soared up to the skies and began searching for the love of his life.

But alas ... tragedy struck. Bob found her lying on the ground ... lifeless. She had been shot. So Bob sadly mourned ... for a good 3 minutes before deciding that since there's so much ahead of him, he's gotta snag himself a new mate. So back to the skies, he went looking.

Now it so happened that there were no other lady eagles in that area so Bob decided to settle for whatever he can get his claws on. He soon found a pretty li'll white dove. Brought her back to his nest but before he could 'do' her ... the dove said

'I'm a dove and I'm only here to love'
'I'm a dove and I'm only here to love'
'I'm a dove and I'm only here to love'

The dove kept repeating that and she just wouldn't stop even after Bob pleaded with her to do so. It drove his big white head crazy and then kicked her out of his nest. Good riddance he thought. Psycho bi*ch!!!

So later that day ... out he went again to try to find himself another partner and this time around, he found a lonely loon. The moment both Bob and the loon were back at his nest, the loon screamed ...

'I'm a loon and I'm only here to spoon'
'I'm a loon and I'm only here to spoon'
'I'm a loon and I'm only here to spoon'

Just like the dove before, the loon wouldn't stop. Just my luck Bob thought to himself and chased the loon out.

Bob was hoping third time's the charm and went out again. This time, he found himself a gorgeous DUCK!!!

Hahaha ... you thinking what I'm thinking. What do you think the duck will say ... over and over again ...

Bob thought the same as you and smiled to himself gleefully as he brought the duck home. Before the duck could say anything, he forced himself on her and they did it all night long.

Next morning, Bob woke up with a satisfied smile on his beak. He found the duck, sitting at the corner of his nest, so he asked, 'Honey, you feeling ok?'

The duck turned to him and said 'Honey my ass!!!' And then added ...

'I'm a drake and I think you've made a mistake'
'I'm a drake and I think you've made a mistake'
'I'm a drake and I think you've made a mistake'

P.S. A drake is a male duck ... just in case you didn't know. And for all those of you who initially thought what the duck would say, go now for confession to cleanse your dirty li'll minds. :p

Monday, March 24, 2008

Spaghetti Bolognese with Bacon

Disclaimer : The following post is non-halal.

I had all the ingredients needed to whip up a spaghetti bolognese for lunch today, so here goes. Firstly, you'll need one of em' instant bolognese sauce which is readily available in any super or hypermarket. The one I had was Dolmio's Bolognese Sauce with Spicy Peppers. Other stuff includes the spaghetti itself (feel free to substitute this with any other kind of pasta k), minced pork, bacon (I'd recommend streaky bacon), 2 big onions (yellow or red ones are fine), salt, pepper and sesame oil.

It's a good idea to marinate the minced pork beforehand with a li'll bit of soy sauce, pepper and sesame oil.

Heat up the pan or wok and then add in a li'll bit of oil. In the mean time, you can also start heating up another pot of water to cook the pasta. Add in some salt to the boiling pot to infuse a tinge of taste into the pasta. This does make a difference, trust me.

When the pan or wok is heated, start frying the chopped pieces bacon till they're brown and crispy. When that's done, dish up the bacon and place in onto a tissue laden plate. Next up, with the remaining oil in the pan, begin stir frying the finely chopped onions. Add salt to taste. You can later throw in the minced pork and continue frying till the meat is cooked.

After that, empty the entire bottle of bolognese sauce into the pan and let it simmer for at least 10 minutes. Ground black or white pepper can be sprinkled to taste here.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain away the water and serve the pasta onto a plate. Scoop a generous amount of the sauce and this goes on top of the pasta. Add in the bacon and loads of parmesan cheese.

Now ... dig in and bon apetite. :)

Somewhere, somehow over the weekend ...

Now here's a recap of my weekend and then some. My cousin and her husband came to visit. They're from Singapore and they brought along their 7 month old son, li'll baby Jack whom I think is just about the most adorable looking baby I've ever seen. He's blessed with such captivating eyes ... you could look deep and get lost into them. And his gorgeous smile ... he'll grow up to be a heartbreaker I tell ya. Just in case you haven't realize it yet, Jack's the one in the first photo above.

Also managed to snag myself two boxes of U HU HU fluffy cheesecakes from The Loaf@Pavilion when I went there shopping with SY. It's good stuff because unlike the normal cheesecakes we're normally accustomed to eating, U HU HU's are really light but rich in taste. Oh and they come in assorted flavours too. I'm rather lazy to go into detail but if you're interested, click on the 'Masak-Masak' link on my right side bar. One thing to mention is that after you've purchased your U HU HU, chances are the cashier will say 'Thank U HU HU'. Sounds cheesy no? Hehe ... pun intended. :P

Lets see ... what else. Oh yea, thanks to Su Yee, Alexander, Alex C and Jack Wong, I finally went to Sunway Pyramid and gotten myself a Phiten Rakuwa Necklace X45. It's highly recommended in promoting better blood circulation, reducing headaches etc and I'm hoping it'll help with my recovery process after my surgery. I also bought the Pro Up Gel which is supposedly effective in easing nerve pains which is what's I'm experiencing now on my right arm. Will do a more thorough review on these two products after testing them out over a more extensive period.

On Easter Sunday, I went over to my Grandma's place for lunch and we had it ala Mamak style. On the menu were nasi Briyani, roti jala, curry chicken, honey fried chicken, some really delicious chilly mutton, veg. and many others. Though some may feel that it's a li'll bit odd to have this kinda food on Easter, it was really good nonetheless.

Ok, on the downside, firstly, my mobile phone kaput-ed. It just died and nothing could be done to bring it back to life. Took it to a mobile phone outlet and the vendor couldn't do anything about it. Hence, I was forced to get a new one today for I'm one of those who simply can't afford to leave the house without my mobile. Just feels very cacat without it. I'm pretty sure some of you will agree with me no? Details of my new hp deserves a separate entry of its own since it caused a rather big dent to my bank account. :(

Next up, my trusty Nike Pegasus Air running shoes koyak. I noticed when I was washing it yesterday. So sakit hati since I liked that pair very much. My feet had pretty much settled nicely into it and now I've gotta go get another pair of runners since Pegasus was the only one I had. Was told New Balance is having some really good sales going on right now.

Lastly, my car alarm remote's strap broke. Lousy piece of $#(^!!! That's gonna cost me at least RM25. Sighhh ... so much moolah needed to be spent and I'm just not ready to fork out such as amount at this moment. :(

Maybe should start buying 4D.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shaggy no more

Everyone ... this is Rain, my pet dog and he's bout two years old now. My family bought him after my previous dog, Rambo passed on after keeping us in loving company for 16 years. We simply needed to fill that void left by Rambo and we saw this ad in the Malay Mail offering pups for really reasonable prices. So that's how we got Rain. Rain's breed ... well, we know his mom's a Chow Chow. His dad ... no idea but according to the vet (when we had him de-wormed), it's probably a terrier. But hor, Chow Chow so big and terriers are generally small ... can mate meh???

Anyways, as you can see from the first photo, Rain has naturally long and thick fur. And if it's not well groomed, shit happens i.e. it gets tangled easily. So a couple of days ago, my dad and I sent Rain to the groomers. The groomer was rather shocked at the dismal condition of Rain's fur and she said 'Botak ... that's the only way', so we had no choice lo. RM80 poorer later ... we took Rain version 2.0 home. Don't worry, he might look like a complete malnourished stray now but his fur will grow nicely in about a months time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finger Lickin' Good

Another item checked off my list. Last night, I persuaded my youngest brother to indulge my latest craving with me ... KFC. It was really satisfying. The anticipation while waiting for the waiter to pick the pieces of salty crispy chicken and placing it onto the plate, scooping the crunchy coleslaw and smooth whipped potato and then flooded it with brown chicken gravy and finally popping a piece of piping hot bun to complete the set ... it helped whet the appetite. :)

Oh and must not forget the tender pieces of chicken nuggets. Unlike Mcds' nuggets where it's crispy and hard, KFC's soft and juicy. Dip it in a healthy amount of Thai Chilly sauce ... waalaa!!! ... DELICIOUS!!!

The thing with me and KFC is, once I've had it ... it'll take me a while before going back there again. Anyone shares such a habit with me?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Peek A Boo

If you've read what I wrote about two entries ago, you would've known that I currently have a enough tissues (all sorts!!!) to last me the entire year. Well, anyways, I was about to get my shoe from my shoe rack yesterday and behold!!! ... (refer to first photo above). Crazy huh ... yesh ... my humble abode is too small to store all these tissues in a proper place, hence we and by we, I mean my parents ... decided to stuff them in just about every available space, nook and corners. Genius huh. Hahaha. So I spent the next 15 minutes rummaging through my home with the hope of 'discovering' more of these secret hideouts. What to do ??? Boring ma. Alas ... only managed to find two more (refer to subsequent two photos). Still wondering where the rest are ... hmmm ...

Monday, March 17, 2008

LATTE ... where art thou?

Today was another 'first' for me after my surgery. I had my ICED VANILLA LATTE ... FINALLY. My friends can vouch for me ... I used to have this so often at our local 'waterhole' at Starbucks (USJ Taipan branch ... the barristas there know us k). Well, I went to Rennaisance Hotel, KL today since I needed to collect a cheque from the hotel's gym. After that, made my way to Pavilion where I met up with Jack Jack for lunch. We had TGIF and as usual, we over ordered. Jack Jack was super generous and insisted on picking up the tab. I'm gonna get the next one. Just outside TGIF lies Starbucks and I gave in to temptation. Yes, I'm weak, so sue me already! We had coffee there ... oh at least I did. Jack Jack opted for the healthier alternative ... Cranberry juice. We sipped, laughed and talked bout life's philosophies. Rather interesting I must say especially since it's been a while since I last met up with our TF Pavilion 'boss'.

Anyway, like I said, I still owe him a meal, so I'll be popping by Pavilion again ... probably sometime next week to pay my 'debt' before I start work in April.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Got milk?

Since being discharged from the hospital, it's been almost a nightly occurence where I have difficulty falling asleep. I was told drinking fresh milk helps. Anyone has anything to say about that??? Or do you have another remedy?


My parents went to a warehouse sale today. Came back with the entire back seat and boot of the car filled with ... TISSUES. All sorts of tissues ... the hankerchief ones, serviettes, toilet paper rolls, boxed facial tissues, sanitary pads etc. I think now my family have got enough to last the entire year. They paid RM250 for RM600 worth of this stuff. Dunno what to say ... :O

Breakkie, 1 Utama & Ah Long Pte. Ltd.

Oh boy ... what a day this has been. Kicked it off with a hearty breakkie at My Kopitiam with SY, Juls and Ping. It's really good to catch up again with them gals after my long absence from the gym. We ate, we talked, we gossiped and we laughed. Ain't a better way to start off a beautiful Saturday morning. :)

After that, SY and I headed straight to 1 Utama for a li'll bit of shopping. And shopped we did. There were pretty decent sales going on ... a couple of clearence sale but in the end, the only thing getting cleared is my wallet!!!

Lunch was at Oriental Cravings and though slightly rushed as we had a movie to catch, we relished it nonetheless. The 'nga pou lo shu fun' did not dissapoint and the 8 Treasure Fried Rice was delicious (though SY claimed that her fired rice is better). I guess only time will tell. Hehe.

We watched Jack Neo's latest offering ... Ah Long Pte. Ltd. A comedy poking fun at the Ah Long's business in the Singapore / Malaysian region. Most of the film took place in Malaysia and it's good to see a couple of our local actors being casted as well. Ermmm ... Malaysia Boleh??? :p Fann Wong helming the lead actress role was sizzling hot as usual and Mark Lee as her sissified dance instructor hubby played his character to hilarious perfection. IMHO, this movie does provide a few tickles and it's alright to spend ticketing money on a lazy weekend as such.

More shopping resumed after the movie and it lasted till dinner time where we dined at Ms. Read's Delicious. SY had their signature Duck Confit Spaghettini while I opted for the Three Cheese Sandwhich. Our appetizer was the French Onion Soup and it was served with a generous portion of rich cheese (dunno what kind). When you're at Ms Reads, you simply HAVE to order dessert. So we savoured on the rich and sinful Strawberry Cheesecake. Not sure if you've noticed but my appetizer, entree and dessert all have CHEESE and I love it!!! Feeling really cheesy today I suppose. (Lame huh :P)

So we spent almost NINE HOURS in 1 Utama today but it was worth it. Today was fun. Managed to create a huge dent into my bank account ... but it was fun. Oh and my legs are aching from all the walking today ... maybe a foot massage is in order tomorrow. Any good souls kind enough to loan me some moolah for the massage ??? Or should I go and approach Ah Long Pte. Ltd. :D

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Taking baby steps ...

I'm reconnecting to the outside world!!! Since my surgery on Jan 28th 2008, I've been living under strict orders from my family to abstain from a lot of things when concerning my diet. You know la ... Chinese punya pantang ... can't take seafood, can't consume beef/kambing/venison etc, stay away form peanuts, mushrooms etc ... blah blah blah. (Sometimes I wonder who comes out with all these 'rules'???)

Well, anyway, seeing that it's been a while since my surgery ... and yesterday ... I finall did it ...


A large Spicy Chicken McDeluxe meal and a portion of 6 pieces McNuggets (with BBQ sauce of course :p)

It was heavenly ... especially on the first bite into the burger. An explosion of flavours filled my mouth sending my tastebuds into a tantalizing frenzy. The soft fluffy bun, the spillage of tender chicken juices, the crisp texture of the chicken itself and the crunch of green lettuce ... ooo ... and all this enveloped with a thick dollop of salty mayo. YUMMMMMSSS. Each bite only gets better especially with the occasional interruption of piping hot fries making its way into my mouth. It's not over yet, a quick slurp of my Coke Light and I began devouring my nuggets. I savoured each and everyone of them and honestly, 6 pieces ain't enough ... darn ... should've opted for the 9 pieces wan. Chicken McNuggets paired with BBQ sauce ... a combo worthy of such a description ... DIVINE!!!

I know I may seem to be exxagerating a teeny weeny bit but coming from my position ... it was really that GOOOoooOOOD. Don't take McDs fo granted peeps. I'm Lovin It. :)

Oh and today, I began driving again. Took a drive to Taipan's Oldtown Kopitiam with SY for my usual polo bun, half boiled eggs and Xi Mut iced tea for breakkie. Can't remember the last time I had those but I realised it had become some sort of a comfort food for me. And then drove to SS15 as SY needed to see a doctor. After that went to Klang to collect a way overdued cheque. The drive was more of a cruise ... slow and easy but it was good. I really missed driving and although it didn't felt 'natural' at first but eventually ... I got the hang of it. Put on some familiar tunes and it was all systems GO! Had a hair trim after having the mechanic check my brake pads and tyres. (Been giving me these weird grinding sound for some time now).

So today was a good day. A day well spent. SY and myself even took some time and browsed through an aquarium shop where there was an abundant of gorgeous salt water creatures ... from bright colourful fishes to tiny sea horses to polka dotted starfishes etc. Heck, we even saw two black tipped sharks but I doubt they're for sale though. Kinda sad though as we also saw a rather huge red & white koi being treated for severe injuries on it's upper back. We could even see its flesh being exposed ... poor thing must be in a whole load of pain. Well, hopefully it'll recover in due time.

And tomorrow's plan ... a whole day of makan, shopping and movie. Wish me luck ... hahaha.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Let it be

There are times when we are so lost and desperate. Times when everything doesn't seem to go our way. Times when the entire world is against us. Times when we lose someone dear. Times when we lose something precious and loved. Times of bitter regret. Times of misery and depression. Times when the tears just keep falling. Times of bottled up anger. Times of utter dissapointment. Times when we are afraid. Times when we are tired of fighting. Times when we feel thoroughly helpless. Times when we are unfairly tested. Times when we are so alone. Times of careless misjudgement. Times when we wished we were in a better place. Times when we wished we were a better person.

During these times, maybe it's better to look up to the heavens, say a li'll prayer humbly and just ... let it be. Sometimes it's for the best.

Listen ... just listen to the words. Thank you Sir Paul for such an empowering song ... but I prefer Brooke White's rendition.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Innocence and purity

Took it a moment ago. It's better to keep things simple and sweet wouldn't you agree. Nobody needs more complications in their lives right. :)

Grey's Anatomy and a li'll something more

Was watching Episode 3 (Season 4) of Grey's Anatomy and one of the patients in this episode is suffering from pretty much the same condition as I did which led to my double surgery. And the doctor in Grey's suggested the same solution as one of the doctor I consulted before. :)

Oh and do any of you know how many episodes are there for the entire Season 4? I've only got the first eleven.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Tsk Tsk Tsk

I think I've mentioned before that ever since I got discharged from the hospital, I've been occupying my time at home 'ever-so-productively' :p primarily by watching lots of rubbish tele.

Well, not anymore thanks to Carolyn, an ex-member of True Fitness Hartamas (Carol has since migrated some lace else), I was able to get my hands on the first 13 episodes of Gossip Girl. Total episodes for season 1 is 22. Now only in it's first season, taken from the novel series of the same name by the author Cecily von Ziegesar, this teen drama revolves around lives of socialite young adults in New York's Upper East Side ... meaning this kids are young, vibrant, rich, spoilt, manipulative, beautiful, vicious, sexy etc ... well, think Beverly Hills 90210 + Sex In The City ... only lots more of other elements i.e sex, back stabbing etc. Oh and the scripting is sooooo good or at least that's what I think. So sarcastic, so very rude and yet it works. It's wayyy cool, I wish I could speak like that ... but I can't cause I'm not young, vibrant, rich, spoilt, manipulative, beautiful, vicious, sexy etc. :( And this series is narrated by this ... (what's the word) ... omniscient character by the name *suprise suprise* Gossip Girl (voiced by Kirsten Bell).

Seriously ... watch it if you've got a tiny ounce of bitchiness in your blood cause you'll love it. Btw, this series provides decent fashion tips too.

Hmmm ... it seems being under 'house arrest' and my lack of communication with most of the outside world has brought out this part of me I never knew existed ... I just feel a li'll metrosexual right now. Die!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The tides have changed???

Hmmm ... perhaps Malaysians did vote for Malaysia after all. The morning papers should be interesting no? And what about our ol' friend Samy??? Don't think he'll be enjoying his birthday cake. Well, politics ... it's as filthy as it comes. I'm just happy to sit back and watch all the action. Care to join me?

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Fellow citizens of Malaysia. The day has finally arrived. Today you exercise your rights. Today you live up to the responsibility entrusted to you to choose and choose wisely please ... for the outcome of your decisions may very well shape the future of our nation. It'll help determine what holds true for our children and their children etc

Today, the 8th of March 2008 ... you VOTE!!! And then finally after today ... we'd see the end of the battle of the banners and those cheesy campaign ads on the tele. *Puke*

The people shouldn't fear the government. It's the goverment who should fear the people

Now that's people power yo!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm a Superhero

Last night I had a really quirky dream. Dreamt that I was a superhero but hor ... my 'superpower' is to turn my foot into sharp thingys and step on others. Hahaha ... so stoopid right. And then, there's like this group of superheroes which I'm part of and all the rest have an IQ of a three year old (think Johnny Bravo). So the real purpose of me being in the group is to guide the rest and make sure they don't look bad and silly like in press conferences etc. *Shakes head dissapontingly*

And then later, there's this girl (super fat one and her face like some 80's cartoon robot) who wants to force marry me. OMG, so I was running away from her and despite her physique, she can catch up yo. Somehow I ended up inside Menara Standard Chartered and hid in the basement. Fat Girl suddenly flew up and smashed her way through the entire building. No wonder she can move so fast ... she also got super power wan. But luckily she didn't manage to find me coz I pandai and know she wouldn't look in the basement. Why??? ... girls ma ... don't like to go to dark and eerie places like building basements. *wink*

What happened next ... I cannot remember already. Weird right. Hmmm ... you fellas think it means anything??? Or maybe you would like to continue the storyline for this misadventure of mine. Hehe.

P.S. The movie above is due out in March in the U.S.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Again ... nothing to blog about. 'Sian'. Anyways, this is another one of my 'before' photo. Luckily it's zoomed out for the better good of humanity but still I think the monstrosity is pretty evident. Ahaks! Shall not be posting anymore of such pics after this for fear of causing distress on the blogosphere. The upcoming elections already generating enough tension no? Hehe.

Managed to take a 45 minutes walk around my housing area and it felt simply wonderful. Greeted by a couple of stray cats and squirells ... it's a wonder I didn't break into song and start twirling just like in the movie Enchanted. Hahaha. Being able to put some leg muscles to work again after so long ... it's good I tell ya. Everyday, it's either I'm sitting or lying down ... till butt also ache (no joke k).

Anyone wanna join me for a nice leisurely stroll in the evenings??? :P

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Half the man I used to be

Nothing to blog about so here goes ... you asked for it. Well, at least Su Yee did. Go ahead and laugh your head off, just don't choke if you happen to be eating ya. This was taken about 5-6 years ago. There's lots more from where there came from. :P

Anyway, at the rate I'm eating now, I might be walking on the familiar grounds of obesity again. Yikes!!! The mind is willing but the body is weak ... how do you say no to rich chocolate icecream drizzled with Hershey's chocolate syrup damnit.

Comments are most welcome. Hahahahaha.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Moment To Remember

Re-watched this Korean tearjerker last night. Such beautiful cinemagraphy but more importantly, it has such a simple yet a strong story plot. Both lead actors, Son Yae Jin and Jung Woo Sung played their roles to perfection ... they made their respective characters come to live, so natural and so believable as lovers. The story tells of how these two characters coming from different backgrounds, fought through hardship to finally becoming partners in life. In the mid section of the movie, it revolves around how they lead their lives as husband and wife. It's the li'll scenes in between here and there that's so captivating ... how it made their characters seem like an ordinary couple in today's world and yet it's still special in their own way. Finally, fate was unkind and dealt the couple with a tragic blow ... the wife, due to generic factor, inherited Alzheimer's desease at the cruel age of 27. It's sad to see how she's suffering from a mental death and how the couple goes through the entire vicious experience. Scripting is good and precise. I have the dvd, so if any of you are interested, gimme a buzz k.

After the credits began rolling, I pondered what would I do if I was suffering from the same cruel fate. If I was the one with the illness, what will I do? If I was the partner instead, how will I react? Do you sit down and think about what did you do to deserve all this? Do you try to live out the rest of your life as best as you can?You simply cannot prepare yourself for things like this.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Going down memory lane

Was just looking at some ol' photos and it brought back a flood of memories. Fond memories mostly. Funny how every photo have its own story to tell and what suprises me more is the fact that I could recall most of those stories ... where it took place, who was there, what happened etc. It's true that people say a picture paint a thousand words huh. I guess if it puts a smile on your face, then these are some of the memories worth cherishing.

Memories ... painful or joyful ones, remind us of our past ... and it's the past that help shape us into who we are today.

Dad's Big Day

The first day of March marks my ol' man's birthday. After much debating, we (my family) finally decided on Tony Roma's at Sunway Pyramid as the venue for the birthday dinner. Parking was easily available too. Upon arrival at the restaurant, we were told that they were full and that the waiting list was to be no less than 45 minutes. So we headed instead to TGIF. We managed to snag a table immediately and to our suprise, after being seated for about 10 minutes, already three birthday songs were being sung. My dad strictly told us not to reveal that today was actually his big day ... hahaha ... he's shy. So we ordered our respective meals and had a really pleasant dinner. When we reached home after that, we presented dad with a chocolate mint cake and sang a birthday song.

The day ended on a higher note when Man Utd. trashed Fulham 3 - 0. The only drag was that Arsenal managed to steal a draw on the 93rd freain' minute from a very much better Aston Villa. Lucky buggers.