Monday, April 27, 2009

A story untold ...

Ok, so here’s the story. Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a land not so far away, there’s a tiny village and the villages wanted to build … lets just say, a barnyard.

So the village elders commissioned a team for this mammoth task and off the team went to start on the works. Although only a skeletal crew was despatched, spirits were high. A hierarchy was naturally formed and we got the people we needed to do the job.

Sitting right on top of the pyramid-like hierarchy is who we would like to call The Short One. Haha … get the irony??? His deputy, The Black Knight (literally :p) is really the one running the whole show though. And then right below that is Sir Talk-A-Lot. So basically these three key people are the ‘pillars’ that held this barnyard construction in order. Of course you have the other villagers doing the manual labour.

Now we needed to get the ground works off to a start but there were a thousand and one obstacles faced. There wasn't enough wood from the forest, the cold winter deprived the villagers of hay etc. Many moons passed and yet the work failed to materialize.

The delay got the utterly frustrated elders to reconsider their options. Finally they decided to re-structure the hierarchy. Due to his incompetency, The Black Knight was unceremoniously taken off the picture and Sir Talk-A-Lot was then promoted to fill in the vacancy. The shamed Black Knight however vowed to return some day with a vengeance and disappeared towards the setting sun with much felt hatred. True to his name, Sir Talk-A-Lot only achieved in errr … talking. Talk this, talk that ... basically talking a lot of cock but garnered no fruitful results. Like an unabashed bard, he sang songs of praise but only towards himself. It was tolerable at first but soon annoyance began to seep into the irritated blood of the other villagers.

The elders were monitoring closely and not willing to repeat their previous mistakes, they took swift action and decided to send in reinforcements. Two highly recommended individuals were despatched. The first, The Great One, hailed from a noble family, he once used to rub shoulders with the elders and his vast knowledge and experience in managing projects was deemed to be the missing ingredient needed to solve the problems at hand. He’s famously known for quoting the following phrases, ‘I love a challenge’ and ‘I’m ready to die’. The other is none other than Sir Bald-N-Bold who was sent to fill in Sir Talk-A-Lot’s previous position. Now he has a motto of his own too … ‘I’m not here for the money, I’m here to finish the job’. KNN!!!

Anyways, after many sunrises and sunsets, the barnyard was still the way it was … which essentially is nothing but a pile of sand. The pressure on everyone was mounting and this pressure forced accusations to be spat out and lies to be conceived. The ‘pillars’ were pathetically bickering amongst themselves and in turn caused chaos amongst the villagers.

If that wasn’t bad enough, The Great One now wanted to showcase his contribution to the elders by sending a few of the villagers to the guillotine. That way, with these poor souls out of the way, he can save up on their wages and hence, justify to the elders on his performance pertaining to cost cutting. This also served to pave the bitter return of the Black Knight. He strategized to divide and conquer. He sneakily approached each villager separately and questioned their abilities and commitments to their respective jobs. Out loud, he threatened to banish them from the kingdom. The villagers spelled out their contributions but this was drowned by the self praising of The Great One, taking all credit for himself. The notes he sent back to the elders were filled with mean slanders and misrepresentations of the true happenings. This stirred up a lot of ill emotions and the villagers were left feeling morally down.

Enveloped with a sense of loss, the villagers huddled up together one night by the fire to converse. Over a bowl of simple stew and stale bread, they voiced their displeasures and unhappiness. As usual, Sir Talk-A-Lot contributed to nothing in helping to lift the spirits of his faithful men. And then, Sir Bald-N-Bold stood up and voiced out all his bottled up feelings. With raw emotions, he stressed the need for a revolt and is willing to put his head on the chopping block should this rebellion fail. Having the truth on his side, it was hard for the villagers to disagree. The more he talked, the more it made sense and the more they agreed. For once, Sir Talk-A-Lot seemed to have lost his tongue. He simply sat there, dejected like a gargoyle. At one heated point, Sir Bald-N-Bold even highlighted the plain fact that Sir Talk-A-Lot had failed in his duties … and failed his men.

Sir Bald-N-Bold offered to lead the villagers through this mutiny of sorts and demanded those brave enough to join him. It’s was warned that this is indeed a ‘do or die’ situation but desperate moments call for desperate measures. The villagers echoed his sentiment valiantly and everyone readied themselves for the upcoming battle. Blood will be spilled but the question is whose blood will it be??? It’s a battle of epic proportions … a match between David and Goliath … hahaha … the bloody irony (sorry, inside joke).

So here I am, saddled up tightly on my steed, sword sharpened and waiting for the battle cry to be sounded. With that, we’ll charge ahead towards Goliath and raise our swords to strike the giant down swiftly with a killing blow.

*Stay tuned for the ending of this story*

Note : This story is purely fictional and the characters depicted bear no resemblence to any person(s), dead or alive.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Simplicity ... where art thou?

The world in which we live in today is so fast paced. Changes happen so rapidly and adaptation isn't an option if one is striving to survive. Almost everyone I know is wishing for no less than 36 hours in a day so that they can accomplish all of their duties, chores, work ... fantasies ... etc. Haha. You get my drift.

I've had these thoughts but more often now than before. Many a times, mostly late into the night, after I tuck myself snuggly under the duvet, lights swithced off leaving only the pale moonlight sneaking through the curtain blinds and only the occasional rumbling sounds of distant vehicles passing the almost barren roads nearby ... I'll allow my mind to drift. Sometimes it'll flutter back to reflect on the day's activities and happenings. Other times ... it'll hop on to nonsensical contemplations. (Don't bother asking ... :p).

However, recently ... my mind is constantly occupied with a sense of derision. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot ... especially the simple pleasures in life. I know I know I know ... you lot will probably say that I'm real fortunate to be able to work in the ever 'lucrative' Middle Eastern market bla bla bla ... that you know of one granduncle's son's wife's cousin's dog's neighbour's niece just got terminated with immediate effect etc. Trust me ... I know all these. I know that without my current job, I'll probably have to scale down my upcoming wedding reception big time.

But regardless, I feel what I feel. Perhaps you can look at it that to err is human and I'm very very human. For instance, getting married is a once in a lifetime experience ... well or at least we're thought to believe that. And the planning process is just as important as the big day itself. Now being thousand of miles apart, I'm being robbed of this priviledge ... sure, everything is do-able online nowadays but it's different you know. My pre-wedding photos are ready. SY has seen it, her family has seen it, my family has seen it ... I haven't. Boo Hoo!!!

And then there's the gym. Ok ... some of you might be a li'll confused. Let me drive this clear ... I like to workout ... I like the gym. It's my place of solace where I can sweat it out and more often than not, I feel rejuvenated physically and mentally after a good session there. Just so you know, I go to the gym almost daily when I'm back home. Here, I have to settle for daily runs along the same route around my neighbourhood. I dodge maniac drivers and am forced to inhale the rejects from their exhaust pipes. Oh and did I mention that I'm not entirely comfortable being stared at by the many Pakis and Banglas that see me like a piece of fresh meat. I dunno why, but their piercing gazes just felt that way.

Now to the next point ... FOOD. Close ones know just how much I enjoy the gastranomic offerings we have back home. I LIVE TO EAT!!! And here, let's just say I had pasta bolognaisse for lunch, dinner (yesterday) and breakfast (today).

Transport ... the freedom and convenience of having to drive to wherever I want is no longer an option. If I wanna do some grocery shopping, I walk under the blistering sun to a supermarket 15 mins away. Shop, pay and then lug my purchases back to the villa ... under the scorching sun.

The joys of being with loved ones ... gone. Simple pleasures such as lacing our fingers together, movie outings and good night kisses with her are only happening once every 3 months. Daily conversations are so costly and don't get me started on Skype. The internet service subscribed by my company is utter rubbish. The line disconnects every other minute. KNN!!!

I think I'll have to stop now. A lot of things are getting to me easily these days. This rant ought to help pacify some of em' bottled up frustrations.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Burn, Baby, Burn

The alarm of my Blackberry rang in unison as the morning rays peeked though my curtain blinds.

I bounced outta bed, afforded myself a lengthy yawn before giving the sleepy muscles a good ol stretch. Did the necessary washing up before heading to the kitchen to whip up a healthy dose of whey protein. Chug it down in three gulps and hurried back to my room to play dress up.

I felt like Adidas today and so I suited up in my Adidas black running shorts and a white fitting singlet. The contrast between the colours provided a sense of completion ... doesn't really make any sense but somehow it felt that way.

The morning was unusually warm but it somehow drove me to grab my Nike windbreaker. I zipped up and laced my NBs. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead even before the run began. It pumped the spirits up.

I pre-selected a couple of tracks in my Ipod ... namely

1. Glad You're Here (Warm up)
2. Behind The Cow
3. Zombie
4. Reverse Psychology
5. Let Go
6. Underneath The Radar
7. Turn It Up

They're all RPM tracks and man was it good. By song no.2, I was flying. It's been a long time since I had this much adrenaline pumping through my soles. I paced my breathing in between every 3 steps and it worked wonderfully well to channel enough oxygen to the burning muscles.

By the time it ended, the heart was pumping furiously and I was terribly drenched. Did my routine crunches and followed by some chest push ups.

As I showered, I wish to experience a similar rush for my next scheduled run ... this evening to be exact.

Oh what a glorious run I had today. :D

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm 55 or at least it feels like it ...

It's a Friday ... and any regular reader on Adrian's Nook would've realised by now that it's also my off day. So what does a 27 year old do on his / her only off day of the week??? Party at the beach, chill out at a cafe, hang out at the mall ... the list goes on.

The thing is ... I don't fit into this status quo. Instead, I look forward to waking up, give myself a good stretch, go for a morning jog and then dive back under my duvet with a good book in hand. On and in between, I whipped up some fanf*ckingtastic pasta. :) I'd rather spend hours flipping literature pages than say ... rubbing shoulders with the 60,000 odd crowd to witness the annual Red Bull Air Race going on at the Corniche right this very instant. It's basically F1 in the air and the adrenaline rush gained from these zig zagging low flying propellered engineering marvels oughtta drive my blood pumping in eager anticipation no??? Hmmm ...

But here I am, blogging about what I should be doing instead of actually doing it ... the ballads playing in the background ain't helping either ... in fact it's bruising my ego. Ouch!

I theorized that perhaps it's because lately I've not been getting my alone time. During usual work days, I hardly have much time to myself ... it's always work work work and even after 6pm, the bosses seem to think it's ok to drag work back home as well. Hence, on Fridays, it's kinda nice to just be with me, myself and I. I can happily go through the day not uttering a single word to anyone. Is my daily life pattern forcing myself to evolve into a hermit of sorts???

Man, I feel like a 55 year old pensioner. So you kids have better bugger off now and let me listen to my gramophone in peace. *Sheesh* :p

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rant of the day

My nose bled at 4:30am last night ... only from the left nostril. It puzzles me how I could tell the blood in the dark. This is the fourth time in the last 2 months. KNN!!!

I currently have an acne the size of Zimbabwe on my face. I swear you could see it from the moon. >:(

I 'ate' a lot of sand yesterday coz of the sudden sandstorm that came outta no where at my project site.

I'm not happy with all these. :(

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tine and tide waits for no man ... indeed

Whatever we do, whatever we say ... whether we're experiencing a moment of joy or suffering through instances of despair ... time passes. With every ticking minute, the things and people around us change. For the better or worse, only time will tell. I guess what we can or rather what we must strive to do is to live out our lives as if every second was our last. Easier said than done I guess but an incident yesterday reminded me of this.

One of my colleague's dad passed away at a not-so-old-not-so young age of 65. He received the grieving news and was visibly shattered. Arrangements were quickly made for him to return to his home country. While waiting for his flight ticket to be processed, he went about in a daze ... barely being in the right frame of mind. Later, he told me with moistened eyes that he last saw his dad 2 years ago. 2 years since he last had a casual father and son chat with his ol man. And now ... that oppurtunity will never come. No more jokes between them ... no more passing of wisdom from father to son ... all he can do is to cling on to the memories that remained. Utterly sad.

Things like this happen everyday and yet we continue to take our blessings and the people we love for granted. Human nature is such that we only appreciate when it's lost. Not everything can be repeated ... not everyone gets a second chance.

It's Easter Sunday ... somehow I'm enveloped with a tinge of gloominess. Nevertheless, I hope all of you have a good one.

Over a pint of Kilkenny and a steak sandwich late last night, I had a conversation with someone and he clearly showed me that growing old is not an option but growing up is. how true that statement rings. Is it a good thing or not ... again ... only time can confirm its certainty.

Share your thoughts ???

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random mutterings ...

1) I dropped my shampoo bottle on my left toe this morning. Hurts like hell.

2) I’ve got screwed up bosses … or at least that’s how I see it. They talk the talk but never walk the walk. Tonight for instance, my boss told us to stay in to work. Tonight’s also the eve of our off day. It’s akin to asking you to work on a Friday night. :)

3) As a consequence, I’ve developed a permanent love-hate relationship with my job … I think.

4) I’ve got some really wonderful friends … so I guess that helps balance out item no.2

5) I’m no good at dealing with stress. I put on a smile but deep inside … errr, I imagine myself literally boiling the people I dislike. Burn baby burn!!!

6) The air here in Abu Dhabi seems clean but it’s really not. Wiping your nostrils after a 45 mins jog will confirm this fact.

7) The left part of my face decided that having three acnes sprouting simultaneously is a joy. KNN!!!

8) I finished Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse. The female lead irritated the hell outta me. Selfish bitch!!!

9) Realised I’m kinda hooked on all things vampire related lately … music, books, movies … am gonna start watching True Blood Season 1 soon. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

10) My body endurance is abysmal lately. Feeling tired of my cardio routine. Sighhh …

11) Carrefour (U.A.E.) bundled Sony Ericsson W910i and K330 together for AED799. That’s slightly less than RM800 and that’s cheap yo. Any takers?

12) I’m missing out on movie outings, b’day parties etc with my friends. I’m feeling bitter about it. Boo Hoo …

13) I contemplated about poking fun at people while drafting my wedding speech. Am still sitting on the fence bout this … maybe I should start plucking flower petals to help me decide.

14) I’m just blogging this entry entirely for the sake of blogging … sad but true. So sue me.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What I did on my day off ...

Every Friday is a day off for yours truly. Here's what I did yesterday ...

9:20am : Received a wake up sms from SY. Had a good sleep cause of the rain the night before.

09:45 : Went for a 37 minutes jog with the latest BC release on my Ipod. Am suprised I'm still not sick of BC39 yet *woot*.

10:30 : Gave my bathroom a very thorough wash. It's now clean enough to eat on its tiles.

10:55 : Took a long hot shower. Used a lot of tea tree body scrub too.

11:20 : Vacuumed my room. It's now also clean enough to eat on. you're welcomed to try :p

11:40 : Brunch was served. Stir fried vegs with fish curry. How miserably typical.

12:30 : Snuggled up in bed reading. Continuing on Stephenie Meyer's New Moon. I started on it 2 days ago. The gloomy weather outside made it such a lazy day for me.

16:35 : Checked on my emails and chatted for a bit. Had some cereal with milk too.

17:30 : Went out for another jog. Only managed a dissapointing 2 rounds ... that's only bout 3.8kms. I usually do 3. Boo Hoo.

18:00 : Satisfied my craving for Indomee. Had two packets of it. Yum yum.

18:25 : Chatted with SY on the phone. So glad she's feeling better.

19:00 : Showered. More scrubbing. :p

19:15 : Continued my reading. Finished the damn book. A love triangle between a human, a vampire and a werewolf makes no sense. Someone slap me please.

19:40 : Chatted with SY again. The strong breeze outside was so inviting I went out and stood there throughout the whole phone conversation.

20:30 : Watched a crappy dvd ... New In Town starring Renee Zellweger. Like I said ... crappy.

22:25 : Gosok gigi. Cuci muka.

22:45 : Started the first chapter on Stephenie Meyer's 3rd installment, Eclipse. Seriously, someone needs to slap me.

22:55 : Did a couple of quizzes on Facebook. Apparently I'm gonna be a dad to FOUR kids ... 3 girls and a boy. Sheesh.

23:05 Texted SY goodnight and ZZZzzzZZZzzz ...

So how're you lucky folks gonna spend your weekend??? You better not have too much fun without me you hear!!!

P.S. Please pardon my retarted use of the English language here. But then again ... who cares. :p