Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Truly TruDTox

For those of you who have been following my blog, you should realize that I live to eat. Meaning I relish eating ... more often than not, my indulgences include sinful and unhealthy choice of diets. Stop these harmful intakes you say ??? ... you must've gotten a few loose screw inside your head. :P I'll keep on eating and happily so too but I'm also gonna take precaution and do what some may call ... DAMAGE CONTROL.

Apparently, a regular Malaysian's food intake are full of toxins especially if you frequent eating out (like moi). The quality of healthy eating just isn't being practiced enough in this region. Organic products are expensive and with the added rise in inflation recently, how la to afford it. So I am gonna do the next best thing. Last weekend, I purchased TruDTox. One of the many detoxification tea formula in the market. As can be seen from the first photo above, this botanical tea blend bags (5 in total) come packed in a cardbox and apparently, it won the award for BEST NEW DETOX TEA 2007. For an award winning tea, forking out RM29.90 for 5 sachets is rather reasonable I reckon.

I was told that consuming this kinda detox formula, especially if it's your first time will result in the golden throne becoming your best friend. The bowels will do the Conga and it will get ugly. By the time you're done, the knees will be so wobbly, jello will seem like cement. I'm bracing myself ... all for the sake of exorcising the toxins from my insides.

I'm planning to blog about the entire experience so stay tuned ok. Haha. First trial is scheduled to be this coming weekend. Better go stock up on toilet paper first. Ahaks. :p

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Honey I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!

It's been so long peeps ... too long in fact since I've last blogged. Why the absence in regular updates ... well, work is hell for starters. Just so much to do and somehow the client seems to deduce that engineers are capable of navigating around the laws of physics and being able to extend the norm of having only 24 hours in a day. Sheesh!!!

Ok so what has been happening lately ... nothing much also la. Grandma celebrated her 80+ something birthday. No one in the family actually remembers the ol lady's exact age I think. Nevertheless, it was a good reason to get the entire family together. This time around, the birthday bash was held at Ee Chinese Cuisine Restaurant @ Eastin Hotel, Section 16, PJ. Above are some of the photos I took during dinner. Foodwise, it was so so only but the company was great. Haven't had the chance to catch up with the rest of my family for quite some time now. Even managed to meet my cousin's 2 month old baby for the first time. Li'll David is simply so chubby and adorable. And most importantly, Grandma was real happy. I guess seeing all her children, grandchilren and great grandchildren gathered together is her ideal bday gift. :D

On another note, I lost one of my watch in the gym. :( It was a basic model Casio G-Shock. I remembered having it on before my 9 o'clock class in TF Taipan. After that I've got totally no recollection of where it went. Could it be that it was stolen ... I don't know. Sigh ... that watch have been with me since I first started hitting the gym and now ... sighhh. So many fond memories, the toils and especially the sweat we went through together. *sob*

Am doing a li'll house hunting as well. So far the one in Kota Kemuning and Bukit Jelutong stood out amongst the rest. Shall be scouting around for the next couple of weeks I guess. So if you know of a good property deal or bargain, gimme a shout ya.

Lastly, am looking forward to this Saturday's RPM workshop. Pedal to the metal bebeh!!! The only snag is that I've gotta pass on my colleague's wedding. So to 'Mr. Bruce Lee', many many congrats and only the best wishes goes out to you and your mrs. :D

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sorry for the recent lack of updates peeps but work is really bogging me down. Will resume posting soon k. Stay tuned and try not to miss me. :p

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rakuzen @ SS15 Subang Jaya

Some time last week, SY and I decided on Rakuzen for lunch. This no signboard Japanese Restaurant has been well established in this area over the years and a sure way of knowing that it serves quality authentic Jap food is by identifying the number of Jap peeps patronising this restaurant. At any one time, you'll most likely see them relishing thick slices of cold cut sashimis paired with li'll cups of warm sake.

It's a good idea to make reservations because it gets packed during peak eating hours. We both ordered their lunch bento sets. Value for money ma. I went for the beef steak teppenyaki which included generous cubes of tender beef marinatd in miso sauce, stir fried bean sprouts, miso soup, garlic fried rice (real yummy) and tropical fruits (RM28). SY wanted the chicken teriyaki bento. It came with chicken slices in teriyaki sauce, miso soup, cawan mushi, white rice and fruits (RM18).

After such a delicious feast, we wanted more and had their green tea (macha) ice cream. It came as a single scoop served with a dollop of sweet red bean paste (RM7.90). The slight hint of bitter taste from the macha blended with the sweet paste perfectly to give a really satisfying ending to the meal.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shangeri-La Yong Tau Foo House @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Just came back from lunch and this time around, it was at Shangeri'La Yong Tau Foo House. Was fortunate enough to get a parking spot near the restaurant as that area is well known for its traffic chaos especially during lunch hours.

Kinda lazy to elaborate, so I'll leave it to the photos above to do most of the 'talking'.

We (Ping, SY and I) ordered the Pork Chop Rice set (comes with chinese tea), the fried rice, 10 pieces of yong tau foo and 3 pieces of fried dumpling. Total bill came up to RM24.50.

Tastewise, it's really nothing to shout about. Very mediocre if you ask me. In fact, SY and I reckoned that the ones served at Ampang Yong Tau Foo is better lo. Service was also kinda on the slow side since only one staff was available to take orders and one other guy was in charge of serving. On the plus point, the place looked and felt realy clean. :p

Happy Birthday Shaun!!!

So there you go, my younger brother turned 23 years young yesterday. So a BIG SHOUT OUT goes to him ... HAPPY MANY RETURNS BRO!!! Because Shaun is currently in the midst of his final degree exam, the family just decided to have a simple dinner at Tony Roma's @ Sunway Pyramid.

The five of us shared two appetizers and 5 entree's but guess what, none of em' were Tony's world famous ribs ... SACRILEGE I TELL YA!!!

We did sample all four of their BBQ sauces though but I know that's still no excuse. ARGHHH!!!

Ok, a couple of photos illustrated what filled our bellies last night ... Onion loaf, potato skins, 1/2 BBQ Chicken, Chicken Tenderloin Platter, Rosemary Chicken, Sesame Seed Chicken Wings and Cheese Burger with Shitake Mushrooms. Hmmm ... lots of chicken huh. I wonder why ...

Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore after Number 2 this morning ... hahaha. *Paiseh* *Paiseh*

What we got him you ask? Well, Dad is sponsoring his upcoming holiday to Bali (WHAT!!! LUCKY BUGGER ... he better be getting me a damn good souveneir), Mom gave him a red packet, Ryan (youngest bro) and myself got him the Guess Man cologne. Rain (our pet doggie) pampered Shaun with sloppy licks. So me is thinking Shaun should be happy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Loong Kee Restaurant @ SS15 Subang Jaya

One of the days last week, I picked up SY after work and we headed to SS15 Subang Jaya for dinner. We settled ourselves at Loong Kee Restaurant and ordered sizzling japanese tofu, 'yuk lan' kampung chicken, and 'lai pak' veg.

The tofu is my personal favourite and so far, I reckon Loong Kee serves one of the best. Served on a hot plate, the deep fried tofu is drenched with soy and oyster sauce, chopped chinese black mushrooms, minced meat, salted fish etc. Yum yum ... I'm salivating just thinking bout it.

The steamed chicken was cooked a tad too long. I would've preferred if it's slighty more tender but the aromatic sauce made up for it. Stems of 'choy sum' or sawi complimented the dish well.

Lastly, the stir fried green veg with garlic is normal. Nothing to shout about here.

Overall, it was a satisfying meal and the pricing is rather reasonable too.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cosmetic, Surgery & Beauty and Me. :)

A couple of months back, True Fitness featured me on one of their GX Booklet pertaining to my weight loss from when I started to hit the gym. This got Sher Lynn's (a writer from the magazine, Cosmetic, Surgery & Beauty) attention. She then asked for me to be included in the next issue of their mag. I agreed and she then forwarded me questions to be answered. Last month, that issue of the mag reached the shelves of bookstores and I grabbed myself a copy.

Turn to page 100 and you'll see a two page article on yours truly. Hahaha. It's weird to see meself being in there, especially when there are photos of 'before' and 'after' I loss my weight. *Children, you have been warned* :p Oh and btw, you'll get a glimpse of Alex C and Jack in it as well.

Anyways, a big shout out to Sher Lynn, Li Tinn and Su Yee for making all this possible. *Hugz*

Note : New issues of Cosmetic, Surgery & Beauty are released once every 3 months and cost RM20.

Monday, May 12, 2008

L'Opera @ Bukit Bintang

Quite some time ago, SY and I were just laze walking through the KL Golden Triangle area ... not knowing what to have for dinner. We passed L'Opera and the two ushers managed to 'lure' us in.

At most, only 2 other tables were occupied at that time ... I recalled one was seating 5 skinny guys dressed in t-shirts, screaming bright enough colours to light up the Artic winter nights while the other table was taken by 4 macho muscular brutes. I remembered one of 'em machos was donning an ultra tight body hugging T with Pooh Bear's (from Winnie the Pooh) head covering his left nipple. Ermmm ... dum doo dee doo ... OK, back to topic, so basically, we were free to pick whichever table we wanted. Overall, the place was rather dimly lit to exude a cosy romantic ambience and we chose the one with the brightest lighting so that we can snap better photos for your benefit lo. Kuakuakua.

Anyways, what we ordered were the Deep Fried Anti-Pasti for starters. It came with fried calamari rings, tempura aubergines, breadsticks, chicken breasts, shrimps, garlic breads and some mashed up stuff. Entrees' were Aglio Olio Spag and Classic Ravioli in cream cheese sauce.

SY ordered a mocktail (couldn't remember the name) while I had the Long Island. Overall, the dining atmosphere was excellent in a relaxing sort of way and the service was great. Oh and somehow, 'someone' could mistakenly confuse classical Itallian symphonies for local crappy Malay music. How and why you ask ??? ... *shrugs*

Friday, May 9, 2008

An Ode To Her

Who is she, you unwittingly questioned
She’s the one I’ve previously mentioned
The one who painfully brought me here
The one who tirelessly raised me up thereafter

Through the times, into a man I grew
Till today, she guides me, that I knew
And despite all my mistakes and many wrong doings
She still stands by me, ever loving, ever forgiving

In life’s cynical journey, I’ve fallen and bruised myself
Yet, she’s always there to nurse, no matter if I’m 26 or 12
And during my moments of utter joy and blissful happiness
She’s the often the one I neglect with shameful ungratefulness

So here I stand, to the world I proudly declare
For all your undivided love and ever diligent care
That you’re the best mom I could’ve ever wish for
So may this Mother’s Day delight you and so much more

Taipei (Random pics 5)

Taipei (Random pics 4)

Taipei (Random pics 3)

Taipei (Day 4 & 5)

Guess what ... day 4 and we woke up late again. Hahaha. After a quick breakkie at Ikea's cafe (nearby ma), we took the Metro to Wulai. At the station, we shared a cab with two other strangers and headed to the town of Wulai where the aboroginies of Taiwan once resided. After a few enquiries, we took the log train (able to ferry a maximum of 10 passengers) and then walked up a flight of 120 stairs (phew) to reach a resort. Inside the resort we paid 350 Taiwan Dollars (normal price is 500 TWD) for a cultural show. The aboroginies performers are mostly teens in their early twenties at most. A couple of bloopers like some of 'em slipping and falling on stage resulted in SY and I laughing our heads off. After almost an hour, the show ended and we trotted down hill again to Helen's Cafe. Helen's Cafe is a nice li'll place located on high ground serving coffee and waffles. They play English evergreen and oldies too. The cool evening weather, our sweet chilled lattes, the enveloping orange clouds, the postcard serene surrounding, the serenading melodies of yesteryears ... we truly savoured the moment as we watch the people passing by.

On the way down, we saw throngs of people queuing up for wild boar sausages and with the kiasu side of me rearing its tail, I joined in the line and got me a big one. Honestly, it's an acquired taste and I personally prefer the regular oink oink ones.

After that, headed to the restaurant with the most customers and tried out some of their local offerings. On the table were bamboo cooked rice, stir fried chicken, green vegs and melon & pork rib soup. Oh, before that, we had 'muachi' too and as it turned out, SY loved it. After dinner, we went back again to Helen's Cafe for another dose of caffeinated beverage. Their cuppacino is sublime. As we headed back to the taxi stand, SY couldn't resist and had another glutinous slice of 'muachi'. I guess you can't keep this girl away from her 'muachi' huh. :p

Seeing that this was going to be our last night in Taipei, we didn't want to head back to the hotel this early. So what did we do ??? ... MAKANLAH!!! Hahaha. We went back to that 24 hour HK restaurant and had some dim sums and their iced 'yin yong'. Yummylicious. :)

Back at the hotel, with a heavy heart, we packed and got ready to head home early next morning.

By 5am the next day, we checked out and got a Toyota Camry to ferry us to the airport. It rained and it was ok since we aren't going to do anymore holidaying. We had a light breakfast at a chinese restaurant in the airport where SY proclaimed that they served the worst dim sum ever. My noodles tasted real blend too. Soon we boarded our 747 and touched down in KLIA before lunch time. Ooo ... I managed to catch P.S. I Love You (The movie) staring Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler and Lisa Kudrow during the flight home. It's based on the best selling novel by Cecilia Ahern and apparently they ain't screening it in M'sia. Your loss peeps ... try to snag it on DVD if you can. A good watch this one.

P.S. Forgot to mention that on the flight to Taipei, I watched the much raved-about Japanese tear jerker, Sky Of Love. Not bad too. :)