Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fatigue and Exhausted

Been subjected to severe fatigue and exhausion lately. I guess I've only got myself to blame. Workload have increased substantially. Had to work overtime quite frequently as well but I guess the extra money does come in handy.

In addition, ever since I passed the Les Mill's Body Combat Instructor training program, I've been busy shadowing or team teaching with other seasoned instructors. Heck, been dragging my tired butt to the gym 7 days a week. And now, my body is beginning to pay the price for this crazy new routine I developed. My legs are aching, knees are constantly feeling weak. Thankfully another fellow instructor recommended that I start taking Glucosamine for improving joint muscles like the elbows and the knees. Hopefully it'll work.

On a lighter note, new developments are beginning to surface pertaining to my social life. I've made new friends and gotten closer to ol' friends. I suppose it's easier when I began to open up to more people instead of being reclusive. Good training as an instructor too since this will help me connect better with the members. The downside to all this is the amount of time I spend at home or rather with my family decreases. Although I still live with my family, there are times whereby I do not see my parents for days ... simply because I leave the house for work before the wake up and I only return after they've gone to bed.

Ok, I suppose that's all for now. Have to get back to work and then hit the gym later. Toodles.