Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Love bite

The clock tells me that it was 11:47pm. I watched as he slept ever so soundly, his body rising and lowering as he breathes into the silence of the night. I approached closer and he was suddenly jolted awake. He stared at me, never blinking. As I got closer to his cage, my bunny stood on his hind legs, greeting me with such enthusiasm. I unhook the cage’s door and he bolted out with blinding speed. He ran around the sofa, sniffed the curtains and then came back and perched himself on my lap. I stroked his back and tickled his fluffy chin. I could tell he enjoyed it immensely.

A sound came from the kitchen. Bunny looked up and before I knew it, off he went to check out the commotion. For the fun of it, I chased after him. He noticed my pursuit and came to an immediate halt. He spread himself wide on the cold tiled floor, it reminded me of a sheepskin rug I once had.

I bent down to pick him up. It’s been a while since I cuddled that li’ll fella. That was when he struck. Out of the blue, he lunged up and with the only two strong teeth that he has, he sank them into my wrist, tearing through my skin and revealed a trickle of crimson liquid. Reflects kicked in and I pulled away, dripping a couple of blood drops on the floor.

He continued starring at me, as if daring me to make my next move. The pain I felt slowly but surely transformed into anger. I held his head down and struck him on the back with my bare hands. Whack whack whack. Three smacks before I carried him by the ears and hauling him back to his cage. I washed myself and turned off the lights. He’s go the whole night to reflect on his wrong doings. That’ll teach him to bite the hand that feeds him. Sometimes you just got to let them know who the master is.

Monday, April 2, 2007


The sky opened and it's pouring now. From inside my office, the sound of muffled thunders offer a strange sense of reassurance, one I usually associate with whenever I'm tucked in comfortably under my duvet as I drift off to peaceful slumber.

Funny how the rain which could cause massive traffic congestions and catastrophic floods can also envelope me with a sense of calm and serenity. Sometimes, I observe as the raindrops hit a surface, splitting itself from one drop into a thousand little ones. Examining it closely and every drop is random but looking it from afar potrays a synchronizing pattern of never ending motions. Imagine the rain hitting a pool of water, before one ripple can die off completely, another emerges nearby. The collision between two ripples will be joined by a third and a fourth and so on. A chain reaction which will eventually link every raindrop together or at least that's how I would've like to think about it.

Have you ever stood still as you let the rain wash over you. Try it. Focus your receptors on a particular spot on your body and enjoy that feeling. For me, it's therapeutic. Cliche as it may sound, but it's good to let the rain wash away unwanted feelings bottled up inside of you. Just breathe calmly and let each drop take away a moment of sadness or loneliness in your life. Lie down and face the heavens. Let the tears of the angels cleanse your soul. Maybe it's God's way of purifying the dense bitter harshness of life. So excuse me while I go listen to the sound of raindrops tapping on a window now.