Friday, April 30, 2010

Movie Marathon ...

I finally caught Clash of The Titans. This remake of the 1981 original starring Sam Worthington (the guy from Avatar) pleases me. Sure the plot is predictable as hell but then again, I've always been a fan of all things related to magic & fantasy ... heck, I think it all started from my childhood days of chasing after the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series. So from Harry Potter to LOTR ... I won't miss a single one of 'em. Oh and Liam Neeson stamped himself as the big chief of Olympia, Zeus authoritatively well while Ralph Fiennes was creepy as the evil Lord of the Underworld, Hades.

Like I said, watch this movie for what it was intended to be ... a bing bang between the Greek Gods, the Titans and the mortal men though the part where Perseus calling Medusa a bitch didn't go down so well with me. I doubt that word was in any part of the ancient Greek vocab then.

Oh and if you're plannnig to catch COTT, be sure to go for the 2D version instead of 3D. Why you ask ... well, it's simply because COTT was shot with 2D cameras but after seeing the humongous success of Avatar, the producers decided to 'convert' COTT into 3D. According to a certain James Cameron, this conversion would take no less then 8 months to a year to make it proper but the guys from COTT took only 6 weeks in order to rush it in time for its global premier. Another fine example of 'money talks and bullshit walks'.

When the movie was done, I grabbed some grub at Caribou's ... a cheese croissant to compliment my American Cold Press. Next up, I had an appointment with Mr. Tony Stark and Ms. Pepper Potts.

Ironman 2 picked up from where it's predecessor left off. Wouldn't wanna spoil it for those who haven't yet seen it but expect ACTION ACTION and MORE ACTION. Robert Downey as Tony Stark ... atrociously arrogant but super cool :p The Ironman suit ... macho macho macho. I SOOOOOO want one. There are a million and one things I can think of doing with the suit. >:) The villains ... Ivan Vanko with his badass Russian attitude and Justin Hammer with err ... his 'Ex-wife' ... they exude enough wickedness as far as baddies go. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow ... sooo sinfully delicious! All in all ... a very entertaining blend of CRASH BOOM BANG at its best. This blogger gives it a double thumbs up!

And ... I treated myself to ...

Let's face it ... there's a boy in every man. Period!

So there you go ... 'nuff said! Go watch 'em already. Now shoo!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Growing old isn't an option ... growing up is!

It was a Thursday afternoon and the blistering sun was scorching everything and everyone beneath it. The sweltering heat is causing not only the temperature to rise ... but tempers to flare too.

I've needed my colleague (let's call him Mr.T) to do his job and get the consultant to inspect the delivery of certain equipment and sign it off. Easy peasy. In fact, despite needing to give the consultant a 24 hour notice prior to the inspection ... I sweet talked that bugger to do it on the spot and he gracefully obliged. I gave Mr.T the go-ahead and was rather pleased that everything was going as planned.

Time passed ... tick tock tick tock ... and KABOOM!!!

I heard shouts coming from the outside. Voices were raised and spiteful words were spat out at each other. Let's just say the language used was most 'colourful'.

Next instant ... Mr.T stormed into my room and said 'I CAN'T WORK LIKE THIS!!! HE'S A BLOODY F*CKER!!!' and stormed out. Before I could react, the consultant appeared and shouted 'WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH HIM. THAT'S IT ... FROM NOW ON, I'M GONNA PLAY NASTY WITH YOU GUYS!' and slammed the door on his way out. I thought to myself *Gee, do I look like a freakin' punching bag to you fellas?!*

Sighhh ...

From where I was seated ... I could still hear my colleague complaining to every person in his path over what transpired. I walked out and together with another colleague ... we tried to persuade Mr.T to cool down but for Mr.T, that wasn't an option unless the consultant issued him a formal apology. So we eventually told him to head on home before he does more damage.

A neutral party who was present when the argument erupted told us that is all happened over a bad joke. The consultant called Mr.T a monkey in good humour but Mr.T couldn't swallow it. Despite being offered an apology, Mr.T blew his top which lead to the consultant firing back with all guns blazing.

In the end, my colleague and I had to spend some time as well as our ego to soothe the fuming consultant. Now the consultant wanted Mr.T to give him an apology or he's gonna make life difficult for everyone else. A pissed off consultant isn't going to help us get our work done but we eventually managed to calm him down and got the inspection completed.

So there you go ... all this was highly unnecessary ... and all over a joke that turned sour. In the end, it left us all with a bitter after taste. It just goes to show that growing old isn't an option but growing up is. *Sheesh*

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I don't geddit ... what's so funny???!!!

I had a conversation today that went something like this ...

Him : Hey, morning ...

Me : Morning boss

Him : So how's everything moving along?

Me : Things are moving ... but ya'know ... bound to have hiccups and stuff

Him : What do you suggest be done to fix the issues?

Me : Well ... it's mostly people related problems. Still trying to get around that and see what's the best approach.

Him : Why don't you just go directly and talk to them and speak your mind.

Me : Can't do that boss. I have a low tolerance for stupidity.

Him : Hahahahahahahahahahaha ... *turns around and walks away*

Me : *I don't geddit ... what's so funny? Does he think I'm joking?!*

How I miss thee ... let me count the ways ...

I miss waking up in the mornings with you by my side ... the picture's incomplete where the lonesome groom is missing his lovely bride.

I miss our breakfasts, lunches and dinners ... the way we share our food at cafe, restaurants and humble diners.

I miss the way we gossip about others ... the naughty secrets we share ... only for our own ears.

I miss our chinese series sessions ... although at times, the scenes are filled with so much tension.

I miss our shopping trips and movie outings ... just the simple things in life worth enjoying.

I miss going to the gym together ... feels great after a sweaty workout and a hot shower.

I miss going on holidays with you ... where each experience is so exotic and oh so new.

I even miss our heated quarrels and clashes ... at least when it's over, we'll enjoy making up with tight hugs and adoring kisses.

I miss you falling asleep on my lap ... so I can admire your beauty as you nap.

I miss you my darling wifey ... just so you know, you'll forever and always be my baby.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sometimes ... I miss the EUPHORIA ...

For as long as I can remember, I have been an overweight humpty dumpty. And then it all changed the day I put my name down for a membership at a local gym. I gradually got the hang of it till I began to see positive results. The more I push myself, the better I see my self in the mirror and that drove me to push even harder. There were days where I did cardio for 5 hours in a row and as a result, I dropped 18 kilos in less than 7 months.

Through the gym, I began taking interest in the cardio classes they conducted in their studios. Heck, I somehow view the regulars of such classes with a certain aura of awe ... that they were a class above the rest. Being an introvert, I began as an 'outstanding' member ... meaning I only watched the classes standing from the outside :p

A particular class that really intrigued me was one they called Body Combat. Basically, it's a mixed martial arts influenced cardio workout. They would punch, they would kick, they would scream ... all in unison. You'll finish the class totally drenched in sweat, burn off hundreds of calories and filled with happy trigger endorphins. The PASSION was INTENSE and it was CONTAGIOUS. So one fine day, I lugged myself to one corner of the studio to join my very first Body Combat class. The regulars would don fierce colours ... mostly a concoction of black, green and red. Some went as far as wearing combat camoflouge longs. Others lace their palms with martial art wraps (refer photo above). So gaya!!! Me ... I felt wayyyyy underdressed in my brandless bermudas, brandless baggy t-shirt and Power badminton shoes.

The class started and I was so out of placed. I had no idea what I was doing and what's worse, I was in the way of the people around me. Before you know it, or rather by the 3rd track ... I was huffing and puffing my way out of the studio ... swearing never to return.

Soon I switched gym ... one that was newly opened ... one that had new members ... members who were alien to Body Combat just as yours truly is. :) So Body Combat started to become fun. In fact, I was enjoying it so immensely that I attended it almost 7 days a week. WACHAAA!!!

Oh and by the way, it was in one of em' Combat classes that I met a gorgeous girl who eventually became my wife today. :D

After a couple of months, a fellow member managed to persuade me to take up training for becoming a Combat Instructor. I was very hesistant at first ... I mean I hardly talk to others in the gym let alone being up there on stage having every single pair of eyes focused on you. I think I'd just keel over and regurgutate white foam from my mouth. But in the end, I gave in and together with 2 others ... we went for it. The 3 day training experience was invaluable. Till today, the core teachings of Les Mills (where Body Combat originated from) is still very much instilled in my heart.

After passing the training, the gym straightaway thrusted the few trainees into practice, practice and more practice. Before long, we each began to have our own classes to teach. From being shy and uncomfotable ... I slowly crawled out of my shell and opened up to the members. It was such a joy to receive positive responses from them once in a while and I thrive on those to do better. For the first time in my life, I began to feel secure being under the spotlight ... to interact with others on a level I never knew I could.

Oh what joy it gives me to have the members punch when I punch, to kick when I kick, to shout when I shout. It gives me a sense of pride to see the members utterly shattered with tiredness but filled with so much satisfaction at the same time. I feel estatic to feel every fiber of my muscles ache with exhaustion. Nothing beats the sensation of the hot shower beating furiously on your back after each class. Best of all, I feel great when I see the members' contended smile after the class is over ... I think that's the best thank you I can get for a job well done.

I made new friends ... I get good workouts ... I get paid for doing it ... what's not to like. Taking from LG's tagline ... Life is Good!

But alas, it wasn't meant to last. It was in Jan 2008 that I had to undergo a double surgery. With a very heavy heart, I bid the members farewell and gave up all of my classes. And for the next three months, I just stayed at home, binged a lot and watch the idiot box. My weight skyrocketted by 10 kilos and my endurance / fitness level went rock bottom. I was a blob once more. *Boo hoo*

Not giving up ... slowly and painfully, I picked up exercising again. I began with slow walks around the neighbourhood which progressed to slow jogs soon after. It was another 1.5 months that I stepped back into the gym. I went straight for a Combat class of course. It began with the members having to shuffle to their right and guess what happened??? ... My legs gave way and I sprawled to the ground. SO EMBARASSING!!! Anyway, I picked myself up and things were ok from then on. I used to be able to teach four classes in a day ... now I'm at the verge of total exhaustion before even finishing half a class. It was gradual but I soon regained my fitness and hey ... I even managed to teach again. Hooray!!!

Just when it all began to fall into place again ... my life as a Combat instructor hit another snag. My company decided to send me to the Middle East to work on a project. So from July 08 till now ... I've been missing from all the action. I still do what I can to ensure I'm still connected to Combat somehow ... listening to its songs when I go for my daily run ... keeping up to date with its happenings through friends and Facebook ... but really ... nothing beats doing the real thing itself. Sure, I attend classes whenever I'm back for a short break ... but it's just not ... complete. :(

The life here in the Middle East have blessed me with lots ... a good start to my life, financially ... it paid for my wonderful wedding and an even better honeymoon *wink* ... I can now call myself a proud owner of a home but sometimes ... I really do miss the exhilaration ... I crave the excitement ... I hunger for the euphoria ... of being a Body Combat Instructor.

Monday, April 26, 2010

And This Morning ...

The sun’s up early today ... its warm blazing rays enveloping every corner of the desert ... literally rise and shine in every sense of the word. It’s like how you’ll stretch your arms upon waking up in the mornings ... trying to reach God's green earth from one end to the other.

Just hope this’ll dry my laundry up nicely :p

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This morning ...

The entire piece of sky was layered with a shade of gloomy grey. The sun must still be snoozing and the usually chirpy birds decided to sleep in today. The murky puddles of water scattered across the road told me the clouds opened up and shed tears last night. Every now and then, the wind would mischievously howl to kick up a temperamental dust gale ... painting its surroundings with a blend of dull ginger and dreary brown.

How heavy is thy heart ... how suffocating is thy morning ...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Off with the cobwebs


I guess it's bout time I brought this blog back to life huh. Why the long absence? Well ... there really isn't anything interesting to shout home about while I'm here in Babu Babi and when I'm back, I'm usually rushing through everything trying to make every minute count.

So what's new you ask? Errr ... with work, things are moving. *YAY* That means the sooner I get to head home for good ... BUT ... (I'm sure you saw it coming ... there's always a 'BUT'), with everyone being so busy, temperaments fly and stress levels soar. I try to tread carefully with the people I deal with but then again you simply cannot please everyone. Some of em' don masks and play a filthy game of lies and deceit ... but as the age ol' saying goes ... the truth always prevail. It usually is only a matter of time before they slip up and others can see them for who they really are. Let's pray that the shit doesn't hit the roof before that happens. A collegue of mine advised to stay clear of the mess ... don't get involved in the crossfire ... so I'm resolute to not get sucked into all these mumbo jumbo chaos. People problem can be so tiring!

On a happier note, the wife and I finally collected the keys to our love nest. It's nothing fancy, just a quaint li'll pad we'll call home ... someplace to build on our lives from there. We're pretty excited at the prospects of piecing together the parts till the day we can finally move in and enjoy the fruits of our labour. We've confirmed the contractor to help 'do up' the place ... let's hope she does a fine job considering the amount of hard earned moolah we're dishing out. It's not a lot but it's all we have. Also put down the deposits for our electrical applicances ... the usual you know ... tele, washer, fridge etc. One part of me gives me so much satisfaction that we're well on our way into completing this puzzle we'd like to call home but the other part of me jawdropped at the rate of my depleting bank account numbers. And that ladies and gents ... is why I'll be diligently continue to bank my luck on the lottery. :p

We met our future neighbour during one of our trips to the site for defects inspection and judging by the short conversation we had, we reckon it's best not to piss off Mrs. Ong for she seems the kind that defines 'hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn'. *Yikes* Wifey's colleague will be occupying the unit in front of ours while my A-Levels classmate will be staying on the same level. On another block, an ex-uni mate will move in with her family. Talk bout being in a small world huh. Wonder if there will be more famliar faces with time to come ...

Oh, my bro-in-law just underwent a minor surgery for apendicitis and he's recovering tremendously well. *Hooray* Wifey and my parents who visited him told me he looks super. :) Good for you Ji. Now it's time for you to get well soon cozzz ... we need your help when we move into our new place. Haha.

My bro, Shaun was posted to Taipei and by the looks of his photos on FB, he seems to be living the life. Apparently, the apartment he's occupying now used to house Jolin Tsai. Cool huh!

As for Ryan, well, he's gonna get his 'wings' pretty soon. Li'll bro is all grown up now and will soon be getting his driving license ... much to the delight of my dad I'm sure who'll get a break from having to ferry Ryan around.

Bryan or better known as Cilantro now :p, is keeping his timetable busy with culinary classes. Am so happy that he's making good use of his time and really enjoying it too. Now I'm just waiting to savour his cooking and I'm sure he'll be able to tantalize my tastebuds :)~~~

Ok ... I'm done sipping on my cold press Americano and it's time to head on home. Till next time, adios!