Friday, May 28, 2010

Shrek Forever After ... in 3D!!!

Part 1 introduced us to this lovable green ogre and his motor mouthed best friend, Donkey ... part 2 was punctuated by cheesy yet very laughable one liners ... part 3 was a bit of a disaster (so this blogger shall not elaborate any further) and we're now at the final chapter of the Shrek chronicles aptly titled Forever After. *sob sob*

The main characters were all voiced by the stars in the previous 3 installments and this time ... as with most animations released in 2010 ... it came as no suprise that the fellas at Dreamworks decided to feature this green ogre and friends in 3D.

Picking up from Shrek The Third, the story began by showing how domesticated our mud-bathing-eyeball-martini-loving hero have become. A far cry from the scary ogre he used to be, the routine life of a dedicated husband and father to 3 mini ogres are beginning to take its toll. Under such circumstances, Shrek was tricked into signing a deal with baddie magician Rumpelstiltskin (voiced by Walt Dohrn) to enable Shrek (Mike Myers) to re-live one day as the mean green monster he once was. The catch ... Shrek had to give up one day from his past in exchange.

However, evilll Rumpie here chose to claim the very day Shrek was born, hence ceasing the very existence of Shrek himself. This boo boo resulted in altering the history and fate of Far Far Away land itself with Rumpie being crowned king / dictator and his horde of creepy witches serving as the militia police force with the sole purpose of hunting down the remaining ogres across the land.

All his friends couldn't remember him and so, Shrek had to go through the hassle of rekindling his bond with Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas). Btw, Puss debuted in this movie as an overweight kitty. Obviously packed on more than a few pounds since he went into retirement. *LOL* More importantly, Shrek realised that there is indeed a buy out clause in his foul deal with Rumpie ... that is for him to kiss his One True Love before the day is over.

Fiona (Cameron Diaz) is now the leader of the ogre-clan resistance group and along with other green muscle heads, they plot and attempt to overthrow Rumpie from his rule and gain freedom in Far Far Away.

John Cleese and Julie Andrews were given very little and forgettable scenes as the King and Queen but cameos from Pinocchio, the Three Little (German) Pigs and Gingie, the gingerbreadman more than made up for it. With lots of hilarious punchlines and an awesome soundtrack which fitted the respective scenes marvellously ... this is a must watch. I reckon it's on par with How To Train Your Dragon and gives the audiences a dose of happy-feely ending ... which was exactly what this blogger needed.

And I got the popcorn combo with came along with ...

Fatty kitty ... MEOWWW!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Betrayal is defined as the breaking or violation of a presumptive social contract, trust, or confidence that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations.

Today, I was unfortunate enough to experience it first hand. Yes, there were initial suspicions. The signs were there. We were wary and so we notified the relevant parties. No actions were taken and we were left with nothing but hope ... stupidly hoping that the worst wouldn't occur.

Today, the inklings we had were proven to be true and we're now left to digest a very bitter pill. Thinking back, this foul play could have been avoided all together. If only certain quarters made the right decision and acted accordingly. I would relish in the satisfaction to say now 'Told ya!!!'. Sighhh ... no point crying over spilt milk I suppose. The bigger question is how do we proceed from here. The steps we take from here on end are most crucial.

The horizon is still unclear ... will it be bright yellow or pallid grey???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bottled up

So much I do not comprehend
Maybe there’s even nothing to understand
From how the universe first started
To matters leaving one broken hearted

I end up starring at the bluish grey sky
Asking God ‘How’ ‘When’ ‘Who’ and ‘Why’
Gawking back at me is a lonesome brown Argus
Silently mocking me for being utterly hopeless

So day in and day out, life passes by
Every minute punctuated by a dejected sigh
Wondering if I’ll ever see the silver lining
Nothing I can do but to mull here waiting

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is enough ever enough?

Some want it.

Others hate it.

Some can't get enough of it.

Others are dead afraid of it.

Some have tonnes of it.

Others have none of it.

Some would kill for it.

Others shed tears, sweat and blood for it.

Some suffer sleepless nights over it.

Others sleep soundly because of it.

Some go to war for it.

Others earn it from these very same wars.

Some debate endlessly about it.

Others would rather not say a word about it.

Some pretend to have enough of it.

Others pretend to have none of it.

Some say it breeds evil.

Others are humbled by it.

Some were told to appreciate the value of it.

Others often felt depreciated due to it.

Some swear it brings them joy and happiness.

Others argue it's the sole cause of their sorrows and sadness.

Regardless what some or others say ... it ultimately affects us all. You better know what it is cause it's a part of our lives.


I'm talking 'bout the Benjamins, my friend.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Words from within ...

It’s so difficult to be away
To ease the pain, I would solemnly pray
How long oh how long
Till together again we hear our song

Being apart we know for what reason
And yet, there are times I wish it was different
To be with you every minute of every day
Instead of only 2 weeks in the month of May

I take comfort in knowing and believing
That this separation will soon come to an ending
That we may be as man and wife proper
From then on till ... well, forever

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Treasure Hunter FAIL!!!

My rating for this movie ... NVM!!! Can't be bothered really. Starring 'The Mumble King', Jay Chou ... it has the lamest of plot 'bout the hero trying to prevent The Company (yea, that's what the baddies are called *sheesh*) from stealing some buried treasure. I reckon they tried to make this HK's version of The Mummy meets Indiana Jones which failed at gargantuan poportion. Not even with the inclusion of some really delish eye candy in the form of Lin Chi Ling and funnyman Eric Tsang could salvage what ought to be awarded the worst movie of the decade. *APPLAUSE*

Truth to be told, it was too painful to watch it till the end. The fight scenes were horrendous ... HELLO!, the wires were sooo obvious. As for Jay, it's either he stops acting indefinitely or someone ... anyone ... PLEASE for the love of all things good ... send this guy back to Acting Class 101 like right NOW!!!

Half way through ... I stabbed both of my eyes with a rusted nail, then coated them with some spicy sambal belacan before sprinkling some salt over it. AAAhhhh ... it feels better now.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Confucius ... watch this, you must.

This 2009 movie starring Chow Yun Fatt as the famed Chinese philosopher, Confucius confused me. I stereotyped this great sage to enjoy beard stroking, speak in reverse sentence construct i.e. Yoda-grammar ... in slow motion no less and twirls his robe every once in a while. You get none of the above in this flick directed by Hu Mei. Oh but what you do get is A LOT of bowing action ... and I mean A LOT! Everyone bows to each other and they do it SOOOoooOOOooo slowly too. *Yawnzzz* Filmed mostly in He Bei, the story kicks off in the later part of Confucus's life where he was portrayed essentially as a politician as well as a militarist. Known as Kong Qiu then, he was first a mayor for the province of Zhong Du, then a Minister of Law and subsequently the Minister of Internal Affairs where he gets to put his ideals into practice to establish a harmonious governance.

Ruled by the Three Noble Families ... all the time squabbling amongst themselves to gain the upper hand on each other, essentially Confucius was driven into exile. He left behind his family and wandered from state to state with his loyal diciples to spread his teachings while refining his own wisdom. Along the way, they got entangled in political web of deceits, suffered hardship due to starvation and harsh weathers and struggling to survive during China's Warring period. In the end, they was finally invited back by the very ruler who expelled them back to their homeland.

Only in the last 5 minutes of this 2 hour epic do we see Confucius truly as what he is best known for ... a thinker and educator. He died at the frail age of 73 ... surrounded by the scrolls he loved so much. 'If the world learn to know about me, it is because of these scrolls. If the world learn to hate me, it is because of these scrolls'.

Personally, I would rate this movie at 5.5/10. I hope its recount of the historic facts and events were in order. Peter Pau, the cinematographer for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon also did a splendid job in showcasing the visual effects to a very convincing fashion. Oh and then there's the rather mesmerizing theme song by non other than Faye Wong.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time ...

This week, it's ACTION FRIDAY! Caught the newly released Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time. I was a fan of the video game years ago and it's nice to see it being adapted to the silver screen now.

This Jerry Bruckheimer (the guy who gave us the Pirates of the Carribean trilogy) release tells the story of a street orphan, Dastan who was adopted by the King and raised as a prince. Set in ancient Persia, Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) with his two other brothers would then set out to help their father to expand the already massive Persian empire. Credit to Jake for bulking up for his role. With shoulder lengthed hair and breardy stubs, he looked the part though something is still lacking. Well, can't complain though ... imagine if whiny Tobey Maguire got the part instead?! Also in the picture is the King's brother, Nizam played by Sir Ben Kingsley who is actually the baddie in this action adventure flick *OH SUPRISE SUPRISE!*

Their latest conquering quest takes them the city of ... err ... can't remember the name d. :p Anywayyys, after a series of impressive acrobatic stunts, Prince Dastan managed to infiltrate the city gates which paved the way for the Persian army to take over the city with relative ease. Somewhere in between that, Dastan found in his possession the Dagger of Time, although not realising the true potential of the dagger at that time. Now this dagger will grant its wielder the power to turn back the clock and change the events that occured. Furthermore, only the wielder of the dagger will know what is happening ... past and present. I can so use a dagger like this I tell you! Just too bad the lottery wasn't created yet during those medieval era. :p

The guardian of the dagger is the very lucious Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton, last seen in Clash of The Titans). Always attempting to retrieve back the dagger from Dastan so that she can hide it in some desert temple cause ... it basically has too much powers and if it falls into the wrong hands ... Nizam's hands to be exact, it'll bring forth a crazy ass sandstorm that will wipe out everything on earth. So yea ... in essence ... ARMAGEDDON!!! *JENG JENG JENG!!!*

Ok, here's the crappy synopsis ... *SPOILER ALERT* ... Nizam needs the dagger to go back in time so that he could have his brother, the king killed in a hunting outing and that'll automatically make himself King of Persia. In order to get the dagger, he's gotta frame Dastan for killing the king. Dastan and Tamina-the-Tease runs away, falls in love and return to Persia to set things right. Dastan's two brothers were killed by Nizam's Hassasins (Persian assasins *lol*) and Tamina dies too by falling into oblivion. *Boo Hoo*

Dastan kicks Nizam's butt and turns back time. Suddenly everyone is back alive again *YAY* Nizam's plot to have the king hassasinated was uncovered *duh* and he ended with a sabre through his chest *Ouchy* Oh, the hero gets the girl and everyone lives happily ever after.

A few trivias to take note of ... more than 20 versions of the Dagger of Time were produced for this movie. Filmed mostly in the deserts of Morrocco, the crew pitched football field sized tents and consumed more than a million bottles of water. The actors' clothings and stones were 'mixed' in a cement mixer to make 'em look authentically ragged.

So there you go, it's a master blaster of an action movie and this blogger rates it 6.5/10.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is just too hilarious :D :D :D

This is a Parental Advisory Encouraged post. You've been warned!

I laughed so hard till my stomach hurt .... :D

I bet these are what singing angels sound like ...

A melody so beautiful I'm lost for words ... it exudes purity and filled with simplistic innocence. I hope you enjoy it as much as this blogger does ... :)

A solemn reminder to self ...

We know the sayings 'It's no point crying over spilt milk' or 'It's already water under the bridge' ... and yet, we're prone to repeat the same mistakes we make. One common screw-up that most of us commit over and over again is that we take the people and things around us for granted. Are you one of 'em? This blogger is guilty as charged ... on multiple accounts.

With people, the ones suffering most are usually the ones closest to us ... the ones we supposedly hold dearest to our hearts. Isn't it true that we tend to rant our anger at our spouse, we take out the frustration on the kids and yet put on a smiling face in the presence of friends or guests. We channel these negative feelings and actions while always assuring ourselves that we can make it up to those we affect at a later time ... tomorrow perhaps.

Do you tell your parents you love them? Or are you one of those that readily spit out 'I love you', 'I miss you' or 'I'm sorry' so readily that it doesn't mean anything anymore. Words are indeed cheap if there is no truth or substance behind it.

We often take life itself for granted. We indulge in self pity. Oh woe is me!!! We so conveniently blame anyone and everyone for our despairs ... never thankful for the blessings we receive. We are blinded by pride and selfishness. We hide behind the proverb 'To err is human'. Yes, life is undeniably short by usual standards but are we doing enough to truly appreciate it for what it is or what it is offering? I've failed in this aspect on so many levels :(

Now the question is ... what if tomorrow never comes? What if it's too late to make amends? A second chance is a privilege and not an obligatory right.

To live a life of regret amounts to an inextinguishable pain. A pain no treatment could heal. The tears may eventually dry up but does the heart stop bleeding?

Everyone's life is a story. Every story ends with a period. The question is ... do you know which is your epilogue?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A li'll retail therapy ...

Got this for a rather decent discount at Aldo last week. What's better ... the Filipino sales assistant offered me his staff discount too cause ... I think he mistook me for his fellow countrymen. Haha. Hello kabayan! :D


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My daily routine ... photo-sintesized

And it all goes downhill from here on end ... *blehhh*

Monday, May 17, 2010

The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth!

I caught this on dvd last night and I must say it wasn't all that bad. Kinda enjoyed it actually. A family comedy with an all around good feeling to it.

Starring Dwayne Johnson, the ex-wrestler a.k.a. The Rock from WWE, it tells the story of a ice hockey pro-has-been who dismissed the existence of tooth fairies. Hence, he received a summon from Fairyland *duh!* and had to perform tooth fairy duties (something like jury duty) for 2 weeks. You get a dose of the usual where the hero is initially apprehensive bout the whole fairy thingy. I mean come on ... a muscle meat head with wings and a tutu???!!! Anyway, he soons rediscovers what believing in dreams are like ... bla bla bla and everyone lived happily ever after. Ashley Judd plays opposite Dwayne as the female lead while Dame Julie Andrews is casted as the Fairy God Mother.

Watch it if you're stuck at home with nothing else good on Astro. It might even squeeze a laugh or two out from ya. *wink*

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Idiot clowns I have to put up with ...

*ALERT* This entry is nothing more than some senseless ranting and the characters mentioned does not relate to anyone specifically ... dead or alive.

There are those we love to hate and then, there are those we hate to love. Either way, some of us have to put up with them regardless if we like it or not. Below are just a few examples of the clowns I have the unfortunate oppurtunity to be aquainted with.

Clown 1 : The Know-It-All

You say something ... anything at all and this clown will have something to say about it. Be it about the latest tech spat out by Mr.Jobs's fruity company to the 25 cents discount for apples in the fruit market. And even when they don't know shite bout the matter, they'll still pretend that they do with an added air of arrogance to boot.

Verdict : Ought to be shot ... twice!

Clown 2 : The Big-Mouth-Bragger

This one's a classic where this clown can't put money to where his mouth is cause talk is cheap ... dirt cheap. What he/she lacks in wisdom, diligence, experience, an average sized dick and all things good ... it'll attempt to overcome it with the shameless audacity to brag and elevate himself above all else. The thing is, this pathetic effort to paint itself in a better light ALWAYS backfire since the people around sees him/her for who he/she truly is. One cannot hide one's true colours forever dipshit! And guess what ... your colour is a murky blend of dull grey and yucky brown. *Eeewww*

Verdict : Ought to be quartered and fed to the dogs!

Clown 3 : The Stinky Mouth

Ooo ... this one has a sharp tongue and it's usually paired with a pungent breath ... so much so that every word uttered stinks to the high heavens. Nothing pleasant leaves this clowns lips as he/she takes pleasure in causing others embarassment or discomfort by shooting out only distasteful and offensive remarks. To see others blush and squirm desorily amounts to an achievement of sorts for this wretched being.

Verdict : Ought to be drowned in acid ... no other way to get rid of the putrid pungence.

Clown 4 : The Credit Robber

The worst of its kind, this one will brazenly rob anyone and everyone of their credit and claim it for his/her own. Sometimes it really goes beyond words like you wouldn't bloody believe. Experiencing it first hand is akin to being slapped in the face. More often that not, these are the people sitting in the higher ups of the hierachy and they commit this smiling so slyly it gives me the shivers. It's always the li'll people being screwed around. There's never a superhero when you need one.

Verdict : Shooting doesn't work. This clown's hide is sooooo thick, bullets just couldn't do the work. We need to grind, blend and mash this clown into paste before flushing it down the toilet.

Being associated with these clowns can be so demoralizing sometimes. Anybody know where I can purchase an uzi? Oh wait ... this is just some nonsensical ramblings ... why am I getting so riled up by it???!!! Sighhh ...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fancy getting your ass kicked?

I watched Kick Ass today and I must say I enjoyed it immensely. It's not the regular comic adaptation spat out by Hollywood because this is a story about a superhero who isn't one. It's lead, Dave Lezewski played by Aaron Johnson is a nerdy comic addict and he's somehow inspired to live the life of a superhero albeit not having any superpowers ... at all. His costume ... a wetsuit ordered via the internet. His friends ... two other geeky losers and of course he has a crush on the hottest chick at school. Who doesn't?!

Anyways, he dons his costume and heads out to fight crime ... well, at least he attempts to. His first encounter was with the local thugs and guess what, within 2 minutes, our hero gets stabbed and then run over by a car. He got metal inserted to support his ruptured bones (just like Wolverine except it does nothing for him) and his body's nerve system got screwed up so badly, he couldn't feel anything ... including pain. Haha. Nic Cage plays Big Daddy, a very pissed off sicko ex-cop / widower who was framed by the city's mob and now hell bend on revenge. He got roasted to death in the end though. *SPOILER ALERT!!!*

Err ... if you wanna know more, go read the synopsis on IMBD or watch the movie la.

What I wanna talk about here is another character from the movie ... Hit Girl (played by Chloe Moretz) ... an 11 year old with a fanatical zeal for slicing, stabbing, cutting and chopping the baddies. I mean how often do you get to see a an angelic li'll girl (in a purple wig no less) earnestly smile as she drives a blade through a man's neck causing blood to gush out like a burst pipe. Oh and the way she cuss, it'll will make a trailer park redneck blush. I'M SUCH A FAN!!! :D

The 11 year old version of Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill ... :p

To summarize, this movie isn't your typical Ironman or Clash of The Titans hero-save-the-day kinda shite. It's V-I-O-L-E-N-T ... blood by the bucket loads and sawed off limbs flying everywhere. Have I mentioned that generous amount of cussing involved? So ditch your kids with the babysitter, fill up the popcorn, slouch back and enjoy the show. I know I did :)

My window to everything ...

You dont't need an air ticket to see the world. You don't need a delicate sad movie to make you cry or wonderful news to make your heart leap with joy. You don't need enormous riches to fill yourself with a sense of contentment.

All you need are magical words weaved into enchanting sentences. Now let the journey of 'Once upon a time' begin ...

GOLD ATM Machine ...

So you think you've seen it all? Well, how bout a GOLD ATM machine? Yea, that's right, a machine that dispence gold bars instead of the usual boring ol' cash. It monitors the daily gold price on the market. Interested buyers will then have to insert money and ALAKAZAM ... out pop the li'll shiny gold bars. It's as simple as that.

Amazing huh ... only in Abu Dhabi ... well, at the Emirates Palace Hotel to be exact. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer is here darn it!

YIKES! Summer has dawned upon us once again ... well, at least for those who are in the Gulf region.

Now let me try to detail for you what being here feels like during summer ... all these are based on personal experience no less.

So let’s see what kind off conditions are we exactly talking about here. Firstly, we have the heat soaring above 50˚C though the weatherman will report it as only hovering at 49˚C. Why you ask? ... Well, the government made it illegal for any outdoor works to be carried out should it hit the 5-0 mark, so 49˚C is just about right to prevent any stoppage of activities. These extreme temperatures could literally kill a person if exposed to the direct heat for a prolonged period of time.

To walk a couple of minutes under the scorching sun and you’ll feel the sting of the heat attempting to burn its way through every single one of your pores. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s worse than being in a sauna room set at max. temperature. You’ll find yourself soaked in your own sweat right down to your undies and this my friend, is NOT a pleasant feeling. There are better ways to get rid of our body’s water retention me think. Even the eyelids will not be spared of this smouldering sensation and sometimes, the eyes will exude tears just to combat the intensity of the heat. Using the eyes as mixing bowls for tears and sweat is painful enough that it isn’t even funny.

The humidity hitting well above 85%, it makes the surrounding air feels heavy. The lungs have to go into overload just to pump and circulate the air within the body resulting in rapid physical exhaustion. Also, due to this, you’ll find your palms and soles of your feet sweating ... something I’ve never experienced back home. Again ... this is not something I enjoy.

Let’s see ... what else. Oh and then there’s the endless supply of sand ... the finest on God’s green earth. Whenever the season transits from winter to summer, the desert wind will kick up a sandstorm for sure ... blanketing the area with billions of these sand particles and because they’re so fine, they are able to just about seep into any nooks and corners it come across ... this includes going into our lungs as we breathe. Wanna know how sand taste like on your tongue, just hop on over and you’ll find out soon enough. I know for sure that my tastebuds do not like ‘em. :p

Speaking of the desert wind, whenever it comes, it sucks up all the moisture, leaving behind a train of utter dryness. What's left are peeled skin and cracked lips. It does hurt to smile ... literally. Ouch!

Ahhh ... summer in the Gulf ... don'tcha just love it! *sweat*

The Kitties are back ...

As promised ... I finally managed to capture the other three kitties on camera. This completes the 'family portrait' :) I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking ... "Here kitty kitty kitty ..."

Monday, May 10, 2010

We came, we saw and we conquered ... the Dubai Mall

Wifey had to come over to the region for a short meeting, so we planned for her to extend her stay by a couple of days so we can have some R&R together. Her visit coincided with the weekend, so I only had to take a day off from work. *Yay*

I arranged for transport and picked wifey up from Dubai Int. We had a pleasant driver, Mr. Moidin, a humble chap from Keralla and he sent us straight to the hotel soon after. We checked in at the Excelsior Creek Hotel (it was almost 5:00 am then) ... a nice li'll 4 star abode we called home for the next 3 nights. Located just 5 minutes walk away from the Burjuman Center, it was ideal as I had to take the Metro to work on the final day of our break. We slumbered till almost lunch time (well, I did anyway. Poor wifey had to work from the hotel early in the morning) and then made our way to the Dubai Mall soon after.

Now the Dubai Mall is hailed as the largest shopping mall in the world ... covering more than 12 million square feet of desert land and sitting right next to the Burj Khalifa, the current champion of the world's tallest ... towering majestically at 828m high. We were utterly famished and headed straight for food before even bothering with the 1200+ retail outlets spreaded all across the mall. Since we wanted variety, we chose to dine at the mall's foodcourt. We went all American and I was delighted to finally being able to sample the world famous Taco Bell. It was delish alright! Sharing the spotlight was the very yummy and the very sinful New York Fries, flooded with loads of melted cheese, beef chilly and sour cream.

With our tummies filled, we thronged the walkways (which were very wide by the way) of the mall. Every brand you can think of, from the high streets of the fashion capitals to the ones we've neither seen nor heard before made a home at this mall. You can practically get anything and everything you want here ... for a price of course. Kinokuniya opened a huge outlet and I can literally spend hours upon hours here browsing through its aisles of literature wonders. Pampered wifey to a little bit of shopping too ... well, she deserved it after being bogged down by so much work recently. When our tired legs began screaming from exhaustion, we rested and snacked at Caribou Cafe. The leather couches were amazingly comfy and perfect for us to slouch on as we chatted and gossiped. :p

We continued exploring the mall and it's not suprising for one to feel adequately small and lost being in such a mazzive enclosure. Good thing then that there are landmarks such as the Dubai Waterfall (pictured below) to help serve as a guiding beacon and point us towards the direction we wanna go.

Oh and we also saw this on one of the outlet's display window. There's some truth in it no? ... :)

We also decided to catch a movie at Reel Cinema. Voted as the best cinema in Dubai (although I couldn't tell what was so extraordinary bout it, pfttt), we enjoyed Back Up Plan starring J-Lo. Who knew being pregnant could be so disgusting and comical at the same time. Hehe.

We stuffed ourselves at TGIF before calling it a night. Too bad we couldn't get a table at the balcony facing the Dubai Fountain and had to settle for one inside instead.

The next day, we continued our attempt to completely 'conquer' the Dubai Mall as there are areas which we have not seen yet the day before. We again lunched at the food court before Wifey did another bout of shopping. We then pit stopped at Costa Coffee as I needed my daily caffeine shot. Their double choc fudge cake was richly delicious too *lip smacking*.

We then proceeded and bought entry tickets to the Underwater Zoo and the Aquarium where we marvelled over the exotic and weirdly intriguing marine lives on display. From prehistoric horse-shoe crabs to silly looking paddlefish, cuddly water rats to snobbish penguins, frightful looking nurse sharks to the adorable clownfishes ... we had a great time immersing ourselves in the spectacles of the marine nature.

We 'surfaced' from the Aquarium and headed out for some fresh air. The weather was cooling and breezy ... perfect for us to enjoy the musical at the Dubai Fountain. Played at an interval of every 20 minutes, one can enjoy the sights and sounds of the water dancing to the enchanting melodies of the desert wind. We stayed for two 'shows' and used the time in between to camwhore. :) *chik chak*

Finally, we dined at Rainforest Cafe, a restaurant with a very authentic jungle theme where almost all of the robotic animal props can move and blend well with the lighting and audio effects ... enveloping us with a very surreal 'Tarzan & Jane' feel. OOO OOO AAHH AHH. The food's good too albeit a bit pricy ... but heck, you pay for what you get no?

So there you go ... a detailed account of our adventure at the Dubai Mall. Care for a visit? :)