Wednesday, January 13, 2010

X'mas 09 and New Year 10!!!

The past couple of weeks have been rather interesting. I was home for barely 48 hours before zipping to Hong Kong with wifey and family. This marks the first overseas family holiday together which included my better half and I reckon, everyone enjoyed themselves. We visited wifey's relatives there, we feasted, we snapped tonnes of photos, we counted down to X'mas (our first time away from home too ... :p), we toured Macau ... generally it was a blast. Looking back now at the photos we took ... it brings back fond memories ... memories we'll cherish for some time to come I'm sure.

Next up, the countdown to 2010! We booked a table at D'Italiane Kitchen @ Jaya33. This time, the bro-in-law came along and we over ordered again ... or rather I did. Haha. On the table were creamy soups, smoking hot pizzas, a variety of yummy pastas and beverages of course. Oh and we had delectable desserts to complete the meal. After the meal, wifey and I met up with our friends at Starbucks for the final countdown. We really wanted to avoid the hustle and bustle of the crazy crowd and road traffic at the popular spots ... so a gathering over coffee did just nicely indeed. :)

With all the festive mumbo jumbo over, the wife and I finally get to spend some quality time together. We embarked on our gastranomic adventures to the newly opened Hutong, Flying Chillies, La Bodega, Fong Lye and many others. Oh and we managed to catch a couple of movies at the theater too namely Bodyguards & Assasins and Sherlock Holmes. We wanted Avatar really badly but the holiday season crowd was just too much. We also celebrated YJ's 25th birthday ... a glorious vegetarian dinner followed by a simple cake cutting-do at home.

Time simply passes by too quickly when you're enjoying yourself with loved ones. Distance does make the heart grow fonder but the separation still sucks to the max. What's more ... I recently learned that his contract in our project would be extended. It's true when I say literally everyone else at site wanted him out due to his utter imcompetence but alas ... management is blinded again by reasons only they themselves know. If only they knew the truth ... BIG BIG SIGH indeed.

Hmmm ... with rgds to resolutions ... I have none ... no specific ones I guess. Just need to make the best out of what I have and adopt a come-what-may attitude. I think this is the ideal for now ...

Have a HAPPY 2010 folks ... :)