Monday, January 10, 2011

X'mas 2010, New Year and 2011 ... so far

I managed to schedule myself to be back on X'mas eve. I haven't been home for X'mas for the past two years and it's just not right (in my books) to be celebrating the yuletide without your loved ones. Anyways, at the airport, I was informed that my flight home will be delayed no less than 3 hours. Apparently the plane taking me home is flying in from Dublin and the chaotic weather over in Europe is the cause of the delay. Don't know bout you peeps but I simply hate spending time in the airport. Ate a cheeseburger at the Happy Hippo restaurant and then lazed the next couple of hours away reading magazines and listening to my Ipod.

When I eventually touched down in KL, it was during the evening rush hour and by the time I reached home, it was time for the annual X'mas eve dinner at my grandma's. At least wifey being there to greet me when I reached home made up for it :) After dinner, I went over to the in laws to pay them a visit before heading home to my parent's for the X'mas countdown. We usually exchange gifts after the countdown but because Shaun had to work late that night, we postponed it to the next day.

For X'mas morning, we went for mass at The Church of Divine Mercy in Glenmarie. Chit chatted with some of my relatives after mass before heading to Paparich for breakkie. Ooo how I miss nasi lemak!!! After that, did some errands before heading back to my parents to give and receive pressies. This year, I got shirts, towel and a set of bowls. On a sadder note, the shirt that wifey got me shrunk when I tumble dried it *DAMNIT!!!*

For the rest of the time, wifey and I spent quite some time in the kitchen experimenting on different recipes, mostly from Jamie Oliver's cookbook. We had great fun and the food turned out pretty darn good too ... well, most of it lah. Seems that wifey got bitten by the cooking bug and she seems to have developed quite the talent :) Am sure we'll be trying out more when I'm home the next trip.

We also managed to steal a li'll bit of time to watch Gulliver's Travel. Nothing like the classic by Jonathan Swift, this one took a playful twist starring Jack Black. I'd rate it 5 out of 10 but it was ok cause it was quite some time ago since wifey and I watched a movie together.

Oh and I also had some of the Sheffield boys (my ex uni mates) and their better halves over at our crib. We had quite a good time catching up over wine, garlic bread and my failed apple crumble *boo hoo*

On Dec 29th, I woke up real early and drove to Alban's home. I was to be a member of his red army ... one of his 'heng tai' for his wedding to Samantha. It was rather nice being part of all the fun and games devised by the 'chee muis' and I actually ate a banana laden with enough wasabi for an entire year's worth of Jap food ... while doing push ups no less. Later picked wifey up for the church ceremony in Assumption Church. After the wedding service, we and two other couples headed to Kanna Curry House for some authentic banana leaf rice. It was awesome I tell you. *droolz* Later in the evening, we made our way to Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa for the wedding dinner and it conclusion, the wedding was a beautiful one indeed. Met Jason (in the gents ... haha) from Jason Geh's entertainment who also played at our wedding. What suprised me was that Jason still remembers us.

For New Year's eve, wifey and I cooked dinner at home ... a simple meal for two. In fact, her pork chop is so good, she'll be preparing them again for the upcoming CNY Eve dinner. *Yay* We later met up with some gym peeps at Starbucks for the countdown. While waiting, we played a li'll Taboo to pass the time. When the clock struck 12, only our group was making some sorta noise while the others just stared at us as if we had gone bonkers ... *party poopers* :p

Since Ji's b'day is on the 3rd of Jan, we decided to celebrate his big day a li'll earlier to coincide with the weekend. This time around, instead of buying him a cake, wifey had the idea of making him one. In the end, we made a tray full of fairy cakes with blueberry and chocolate icing. It turned out rather delicious and everyone enjoyed them.

Soon it was time for me to head back to Babu Babi ... :((( Met our company's accountant who was on the same flight as I was. Weather back here is cool and nice since it's winter now. But that is essentially the only pleasant part being back here. We'll be shifting out soon to the outskirts since our villa's tenancy is expiring. Sighhh , as if life isn't sucky enough, soon we'll be practically staying in the middle of nowhere. *Sighhh* To make matters worse, we also have to shift out of our office cabins and into the plant itself. Apparently, our cabins are located on top of a pipeline which needed to be relocated. This is the third time we're relocating already. *Siennn* And to make matters worse, the isn't any phone reception inside the plant and it is also not internet-ready. Sometimes I wonder what management are thinking?!

Also, I can only head home just before the eve of CNY since a bunch of consultants will be making their way here for some redundant work. Can't understand why must they only be here so near towards CNY and why must we accomodate them so. All are chicken shit, that's why. I wouldn't mind it so much given if it was before I got married. Now things are different and I have two families to 'take care' of. When I highlighted this fact, all I got in return was this lame reply ... 'No choice lo'. KNN! Like I said ... chicken shit!

Also, no internet means less communication with wifey. Today she sms-ed me bout encountering with a road bully of sorts. I was boiling inside knowing that there's nothing I could do being so far away from her. It kept replaying in my mind that if I was at the scene of the incident, I would love to stick my shoe so deep into that MOFO's arse he'll be tasting my soles with his tongue. Fucking Malay idiot!

Oh and while jogging earlier today, I almost got hit by a car because the moron behind the wheel doesn't know how to utilize his signal indicator *dumbass*

That's all for now folks ... feels a tad bit better after ranting. :p